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The Animation of Walt Disney Studios Catalog

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A Century of Magic: the Animation of the Walt Disney Studios

Exhibition Catalog Disney

Price: $24.00

Like many of us, I was raised with Disney characters and stories surrounding my childhood in Europe. Since Bambi, like many, was my first Disney movie, I have been a fan of Disney Studios' creations, humor, and groove throughout the past 40 years. It may seem obvious, but the impact of Walt Disney's creations has reached out pretty much everywhere in the last 60 years and seems to be ageless.

When I discovered Janis Scaramucci's collection, I immediately got keen on putting together an exhibition including the historical impact of Disney on our society, but also wanted to celebrate his creativity throughout the OU Arts District and the whole University of Oklahoma campus.

An interdisciplinary program will take place around the exhibition, including collaborations with the OU Schools of Art, Music, Musical Theatre, Drama, and Dance, including an exciting Fantasia concert with created visual effects directly connected to live music, discussion on the influence of Disney on the web culture, and much more. A full day symposium with the School of Law, the School of Business, and the School of Journalism will explore copyright, intellectual property, branding, merchandising, and advertising.

The museum will be the stage for this diversified and intellectually challenging program built around 83 beautiful animation cels from Janis' collection covering a large part of Walt Disney's career.

From the preface written by Ghislain d'Humières,

Wylodean and Bill Saxon Directeor of the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.


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