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Oscar Brousse Jacobson: Oklahoma Painter

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Oscar Brousse Jacobson: Oklahoma Painter


Price: $45.00

Oklahoma in 1915 had plenty of pioneers. Everybody who had moved into the Territory or the young 46th state was a pioneer. But Oscar Jacobson was definitely not the common dime-a-dozen type. He was a pioneer for art with a capital “A.”

As Director of the University of Oklahoma’s School of Art and of the OU Museum of Art for the next thirty years he was a great man, a wonderful artist and a unique educator. Arriving at Norman with a professorial experience from the University of Washington he quickly formed an art department that grew fast and became amazingly influential.

In 1926 Jacobson had welcomed five Kiowa Indians from Anadarko to the University. He provided them with plenty of paper, brushes, colors, a little instruction and lots of encouragement. He arranged exhibitions of their work and had a portfolio of twenty-four examples elegantly reproduced by the newest serigraphic process in France. Steve Mopope, Jack Hokeah, Monroe Tsatoke, James Auchiah and Spencer Asah were launched as professional artists who gained international reputations. 

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