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Sharing the Heritage

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Sharing the Heritage

Sharing the Heritage

Price: $15.00

One hundred Indian artists from almost fifty tribes, bands and villges are represented in this exhibition of more than two hundred works selected from the private holdings of ten Oklahoma collectors of Native American art. The show illustrates not only the remarkable depth and breadth of the Native American arts movement by also the particularly rich collections of diverse works in many Oklahoma homes. Indian art works on exhibit range from the historic drawings of Indian prisoners to pottery, kachinas, textiles as well as contemporary paintings, sculpture, graphics and folk art.

This exhibition is about creativity, stewardship and sharing. It is about Native American artists who have chosen to explore tribal life, history and culture through their works; it is also about private individuals who are willing to invite the public to view the treasures with which they live. Both the creator and the collector are joined in this experience of sharing. The title for this show reflects the circles of creativity and connoisseurship at a point at which they intersect – a point where the artist's gift of sharing Native heritage with the collector is brought full circle by being opemed for a larger public viewing.



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