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In The Last Hour: Sandy Skoglund

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In The Last Hour: Sandy Skoglund


Price: $15.00

In the Last Hour: Sandy Skoglund Photo/Sculpture, 1979-1992 is the first museum exhibition to include the sculpture of Sandy Skoglund made by the artists for her installation photographs. Three new "Food Environment" photographs and sculpture are also being shown together for the first time.

Sandy Skogund first studied art at Smith College in 1964, spending her junior year at the Sorbonne and the Louvre studying art history. Her discovery of the Cinematheques of Paris developed into an involvment in filmmaking that continued into graduate school. At the University of Iowa she studied painting and printmaking, but eventually received her MFA in Multimedia in 1972. Skoglund began to use photographs to document her brief but enthusiastic activity in Conceptual Art after moving to New York City. Skoglund also experimented with documentary filmmaking during this period. In 1978 she returned to the camera to make still life photographs of cut paper, paint constructions with food. These first constructed pictures quickly evolved into the work Sandy Skoglund has become most recognized for and the work that this exhibition focuses on.

– Thomas R. Torperzer, Director



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