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Out of the Dust

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Out of the Dust, Gene Rainbolt: A Life for Oklahoma

Out of the Dust


Out of the Dust tells the story of one of the most unique Oklahomans in our young and troubled history. Gene Rainbolt did not give into dust, depression, and despair. Because of him, thousands of businesses were created and flourished, and hundreds of thousands reaped jobs and hope. But my great hope is that Gene, whose genuine humility refuses to grasp all of his accomplishments and philanthropy, will re-read his own story, and know and understand the lives he has enabled and blessed. And perhaps other young Oklahomans, likewise denied deserved love by tough times and realities, will create similar lives of creativity, productivity, and beauty.

-Robert Henry, Oklahoma City University


$24.00, hardback, ISBN 978-0-9858651-2-2

238 pages