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Fueling Vehicles

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Fuel and Fuel Station

All OU vehicles must be fueled at Transportation Operations Center fuel station located at 510 East Chesapeake (south of the facility). This automated fueling facility is monitored by cameras, available twenty-four (24) hours a day and offers:

  • Unleaded(no ethanol)
  • E10 Unleaded
  • Diesel(ultra low sulphur)
  • Compressed Natural Gas(CNG)

This facility also serves as a fuel resource for other public fleets like the State of Oklahoma, City of Norman and Norman Public Schools.

Need to know how to use a fuel station kiosk? Watch this video.

Fleet Services issues unique fuel 'keys' programmed and assigned to each vehicle. The key is required to use the kiosk and operate the fuel pumps. These keys are only issued by Fleet Services. The Fuel Master fuel management program reads the fuel key, controls access to the pumps and records fuel data for each vehicle.

If a department does not have a fuel key for a particular vehicle, one may be obtained by contacting Fleet Services at (405) 325-1795.

There may be a charge for lost or damaged keys.

Fuel charges for vehicles will be included in your department's monthly Fleet Services statement, available via the laserfiche repository.

There may be circumstances when fuel purchases must be made by cash or personal credit card for OU vehicles. These expenses may be reimbursed by the department operating the vehicle. Refer to OU's travel and expense reimbursement policy. These reimbursements will not be processed through Fleet Services. However, to maintain accurate OU vehicle records, copies of receipts for these purchases should be forwarded to Fleet Services. Please note the vehicle number in this correspondence.

A Comdata Mastercard is issued/assigned to most OU vehicles and can be requested for any OU vehicle. The Comdata card can be used to purchase fuel only for travel away from the OU campus. These cards are accepted at over 140,000 locations nationwide that accept Mastercard. These credit cards can be used to purchase fuel and some limited repair services for OU vehicles only.

The department and operator is responsible for the credit card. A fee of $20 may be charged to the department if a card is lost or damaged. Contact  Fleet Services at (405) 325-1795 to order a card for a vehicle or to obtain a card for temporary use.


A Wright Express(WEX) card is also provided in the event the Comdata card is not accepted at a fueling location.

Credit Card charges will be included on your monthly Fleet Services statement.

**Credit Card charges for daily rental vehicles will be assigned to the reservation and included on your Motor Pool rental receipt.

Alternative Fuels

OU's fuel station is located south of the Transportation Operations Center. Four service islands offer a full complement of alternative and conventional fuels including fast fill compressed natural gas(CNG), ULSD diesel and bio-diesel, E10 ethanol and unleaded(no ethanol) fuel.

Since 2008 OU has required that whenever possible, every new vehicle purchased be capable of using an alternative fuel, or utilize hybrid or electric drive technology. This policy has resulted in a growing and diverse number of vehicles serving the transportation needs of the OU campus.

Whenever possible, new small utility vehicles must also utilize an alternative fuel source such as electricity or biodiesel fuel.

About one-third of OU’s vehicle fleet is composed of alternative fuel vehicles and equipment.