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Vehicle Maintenance, Car Washing

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Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

When you bring vehicles or equipment to the Maintenance Center for a scheduled PM or repair:

1. Fill out the Vehicle Inspection Report - OU , which is also available at the Maintenance Center. Be sure to note and record the vehicle odometer reading on the form.

2. Give the completed form along with the vehicle keys to the Service Manager in room 166.

3. The Maintenance Center entrance is located on the west side of the Theta M. Dempsey Transportation Operations Center, south of the main building entrance and just south of the NAPA Parts department entrance.

4. Vehicles can be dropped off/picked up M-F between 8:00 am and 11:00 am, and again from 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm. The Service Manager will email or call when the vehicle is ready to be picked up.

*The Maintenance Center is closed on University Holidays and/or when the Univerity is closed, such as bad weather days.

Department owned vehicles will be charged for services according to the rate schedule below, plus the cost of parts, sublets and fees. Additional labor charges may be applied for services to heavy trucks and equipment. The Service Manager can provide repair estimates upon request.

Departments that lease vehicles from Fleet Services will not be charged for maintenance services, unless repairs are required due to neglect or abuse that go beyond typical 'wear and tear'. Otherwise maintenance costs are included in the lease rate.

Charges will be billed to departments on a monthly basis and can be reviewed in the monthly Fleet Services statements that are available on the laserfiche system.

Other fees may apply at the discretion of the shop manager. Fees include costs associated with shop supplies, wheel weights, shop truck, tire recycling, EPA and technology.

For additional information, contact the Service Manager at 325-5662.

Type of ServiceRate
Heavy Equipment/Diesel Mechanic Service Rate$125.00 per hour
Light Service Rate $45.00 per hour

Fleet Services is the exclusive provider of services for ALL OU vehicles and employs ASE certified technicians qualified and trained to provide preventive maintenance and repair services for all OU vehicles.

PM Services
Every vehicle is assigned a preventive maintenance (PM) schedule upon delivery to OU. Fleet Services will contact the department (by email or phone) that operates the vehicle when service is due. Departments must comply with PM schedules to ensure the safe condition of the vehicle, maximize life-cycle, reduce repair expenses and downtime. Sometimes other mechanical problems will be identified when the vehicle is in for service. These repairs will usually be completed before it is released.

Vendors and Suppliers
Vehicles can be taken to an authorized vendor for maintenance/repair only with the consent and authorization of the Fleet Services Administrator or Service Manager. Departments are not authorized to perform maintenance/repair services on OU vehicles.

It is important for all OU vehicles to be serviced and repaired at the Fleet Services Maintenance Center to ensure consistent, reliable and quality services are performed by certified technicians.

Fleet Services is responsible for compiling and maintaining all vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption records for reports to the University administration and State of Oklahoma Fleet Management division.

In 2009 NAPA Auto Parts was awarded a contract to operate the parts storeroom. This contract has resulted in the use of quality parts at a lower overall cost to OU. Improved inventory management, procurement practices and delivery services have also reduced repair downtime for vehicles and equipment.

This store is dedicated to serving the equipment needs of OU. Only parts purchased for OU vehicles and equipment are allowed. Purchasing items for personal use is prohibited.

Departments can purchase routine maintenance items for OU vehicles, such as quarts of oil, wiper blades and bulbs. Employee identification, vehicle number, and department number are required and a NAPA Parts Request Form (pdf) must be completed and submitted to the NAPA Parts Manager. ALL parts requests are subject to Service Managers approval before the order form can be submitted to NAPA.

The NAPA Store is located just south of the main entrance to the Theta M. Dempsey Transportation Operations Center. Call the NAPA Manager for questions at 325-1423.

All OU vehicles can be washed/cleaned by Fleet Services (time permitting). Contact the Fleet Maintenance Manager at (405) 325-5662 to determine available days and times. The cost will depend on the level of cleaning desired and the size of the vehicle. The manager can provide an estimate upon request.

Vehicles leased from Fleet Services are allowed one wash/clean service per month. Additional services will be charged back to the vehicle and the leasing department. Leased vehicles are also washed/cleaned when they come in for PM services.

For department owned vehicles - wash/cleaning services must be requested by the driver.

Fleet Services does not have a 'self serve' facility available for employees to use to wash OU vehicles.

Drivers can take vehicles to any car wash that accepts the Comdata MasterCard that was issued to the vehicle. Applicable charges will appear on the department's monthly fleet statement (available on laserfiche).

Under no circumstances can the card be used to pay for services for personal vehicles. The card can only be used to pay for services for the vehicle number stamped on the card.

Some nearby car wash facilities: Take 5 Car Wash, Club Car Wash, Crystal Clean Car Wash,  Zips Car Wash , Okie Express Car Wash. These services are in Norman and usually have an attendant on duty, and vacuums are also available. Check for credit card acceptance prior to washing.

Questions about car washing? Please call us at 325-1795.