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Leasing/Renting Vehicles, Rates

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Leasing and Renting Vehicles

Fleet Services provides vehicles, golf cars and ATVs to all departments and has several types of vehicles available:

1)on a monthly basis through the lease program

2)on a daily rental basis through the motor pool

All vehicles/equipment can only be driven by OU employees and only for official business purposes.

Leasing Vehicles

Sedans, minivans, passenger/cargo vans, pickups and SUV's can be leased monthly. Rates vary according to acquistion cost, and the base monthly rate for any vehicle(new or used) starts at $350 a month. All vehicles are subject to availability. Some lease requests may be filled with existing fleet vehicles, but new vehicles may need to be purchased and can take up to six months to deliver from the factory. Contact the Fleet Services Administrator at 325-1795 for information about vehicle availability and costs.

Fleet Services will obtain and assign vehicles to OU departments after appropriate authorization has been obtained, and with the understanding that vehicles are for official University employee use and are for business puposes only. 

A faculty or staff member representing a University of Oklahoma account with adequate funds for authorized expenditures can lease a vehicle from Fleet Services. The account sponsor must authorize and justify the request to the Fleet Services Administrator and the account sponsor/director is responsible for all leasing charges(e.g. monthly rate, fuel, damage).

Anyone driving and/or responsible for the operation of vehicles must read the Policies section of this website for detailed information regarding driving, insurance, accident reporting and damage.

Lease rates include preventive maintenance services, as well as replacement of factory installed parts and/or components when they fail, or when there are indications a part or component is about to fail.

Lease rates also include liability insurance.

In most cases, vehicle lease rates are based on a ten year lifecycle. Vehicles may be replaced anytime within ten years depending on maintenance costs, downtime and the overall condition of the vehicle. Vehicles won't be kept beyond yen years unless authorized by the Fleet Administrator.

The cost for after-market installed components or accessories added to the vehicle after delivery, will be charged to the operating department, including installation and repair costs.

*Departments will be billed for physical damage repairs due to traffic accidents and/or collisions. This includes damage caused by abuse, neglect or careless use or treatment of the vehicle or equipment.

If applicable, any funds from insurance claims collected by Risk Managment will be applied to repair costs.

Renting Motor Pool Vehicles

Reservations for daily rentals must be done using the Motor Pool Reservations link in the 'Quick Links' section of this website. You must first create and submit a user profile, and you will need to update it when your information changes. Once your profile is accepted, you can begin using the Motor Pool for short term official travel. If you need help completing the profile form, please call Fleet Services at 325-1795 Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Drivers must read and abide by the Policies section of this website in regards to driving a University vehicle.

Motor pool vehicles are equipped with GPS devices that report location and speed. Drivers are expected to abide by posted speed limits.

  • Motor Pool customers will use the kiosk for checking out/in vehicle keys. Please veiw the instructional video before using the kiosk.
  • Vehicles must be returned on time (and keys checked into the kiosk) to ensure availability for the next outgoing reservation.
  • If a daily rental needs to be extended please call (405) 325-1795 as soon as possible. Calling does not guarantee a reservation can be extended.
  • Changes to reservations, and cancellations, can be requested online using the Motor Pool Reservations link in the left navigation menu.
  • Failure to cancel 24 hours prior to scheduled key pickup may result in penalties equal to two (2) day's rental.
  • Late return may result in penalties equal to two (2) day's rental.
  • Failure to properly check in/out keys to/from the kiosk may result in additional fees; 'after hours' assistance may result in additional fees.
  • Lost or damaged gate and/or fuel credit cards will be replaced at the rate of $20.00 each.
  • Pike Passes: Please contact Fleet Services at (405) 325-1795 for detailed information.
  • Attaching equipment to, or towing equipment with Motor Pool vehicles is prohibited unless prior authorization is obtained from Fleet Services.
  • The repeated inability of a user to utilize the kiosk correctly, or check vehicles back in/out on time, or misuse of a vehicle, may result in a loss of use of the OU motor pool.

       Insurance/Damage - Motor Pool Vehicles

  • Insurance documents should be in the glove box or console of each vehicle. Check for this before travelling.
  • It is advisable for the person picking up a vehicle to inspect the vehicle for body damage.
  • Any damage should be noted on the reservation and/or lease agreement prior to leaving Fleet Services.
  • The department renting a vehicle from Fleet Services is responsible for paying for repairs caused by abuse or neglect of the vehicle.
  • Off-Road use is prohibited. Fleet Services rental vehicles are not designed, equipped or authorized for off-road use and must be driven on designated roads, streets and highways only.
  • The renting department may be responsible for payment of ALL damage repair expenses when there is evidence the vehicle has been driven off-road and/or used in a way not consistent with its design.
  • In the event of vehicle damage caused by an accident or collision, repairs will be made by Fleet Services and the renting department will be billed for all repairs up to $2,500.00 per incident.
  • Repairs will include markups and fees applied by Fleet Services.

Log into the motor pool website to see available vehicles, rates and other details.


Go to the motor pool website to see vehicles and rates.

When motor pool vehicles are not available due to demand, Fleet Services will rent vehicles from Enterprise to supplement transportation needs.

All Enterprise vehicle rates include full liability and collision insurance coverage/collision damage waiver. The CDW may be waived by Enterprise if the driver violates driver responsibility terms and conditions. If that case, Enterprsie may pursue damages against the driver.

Rates are based on the Oklahoma Statewide Vehicle Rental Contract.

For large (9) Passenger Vans - Drivers must be at least 25 years of age.

Unless your department has an Enterprise account with direct billing, then Enterprise will only accept reservations made by Fleet Services. Enterprise will send all invoices to Fleet Services for processing and payment. FSS will only pay Enterprise invoices processed/approved by Fleet Services.

Use the Motor Pool Reservation link in the left navigation menu to reserve an Enterprise vehicle. Use vehicle type 'Enterprise' and specify the type of vehicle(sedan, SUV, etc.) in the comments section.