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Dr. Casey Shutt Publishes Article on Modern Education and Classical Schooling

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March 9, 2018

Dr. Casey Shutt Publishes Article on Modern Education and Classical Schooling

Dr. Casey Shutt is a member of the Institute's Partner Parents Advisory Board and Assistant Headmaster at The Academy of Classical Christian Studies in Oklahoma City, one of the Institute's partner schools. He recently published an article titled, "Of Pigs and Pupils: Fast Food, Modern Education, and the Growth of Classical (Christian) Schools." An excerpt is provided below.

"Sarah Eeckhoff Zylstra recently wrote of the exponential growth of the classical Christian school movement. Similarly, John J. Miller, writing for National Review, calls the classical and classical Christian school movements “a small revolution in K-12 education.” What accounts for the growing popularity of these classical and classical Christian schools? Why are so many families opting for a return to an older way of educating their children? Strange as it may seem, I believe a popular Chipotle video helps explain the reasons for the rapid spread of these schools.

"The video opens with a peaceful, pastoral scene of a young farming family lovingly caring for their livestock while Willie Nelson sings Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” As the camera pans, efficiency supplants care, and the scene grows cold and gray. Countless pigs are mechanically transported along conveyor belts, injected with hormones, compacted, and speedily packed on trucks for dispersion. A factory replaces the farm; concrete and metal have replaced the hills, trees, and wood; machines replace humans." Read more