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Virtue Resource Library Opens at Norman High School

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December 13, 2018

Virtue Resource Library Opens at Norman High School

In spring 2018, Dr. Nancy Snow (University of Oklahoma) and Dr. Scott Beck (Norman High School) gathered a team of teachers and librarians to compile a "Virtue Resource Library," containing books, articles, lesson plans, videos, and other media. The resource is located in Norman High School's Learning Commons and is available for all Oklahoma educators. Currently, it houses 3,840 print books, 52 websites and 12 PDFs.

On December 10, 2018, the library was introduced to the Norman community during Norman High School's Creativity and Learning Showcase. We comemorated the openning of the library with poetry readings of their own work by students from Norman High School, Norman North High School, Irving Middle School, Kennedy Elementary, Longfellow Middle School, Washington Elementary, Odyssey Leadership Academy, Santa Fe South High School and the Academy of Classical Christian Studies.

Download the program (PDF) View pictures of this event

Student Presenters


"How Do We Stop It?"

Tdohasan Sunray

Longfellow Middle School



Faith Aragon

Washington Elementary School


"Open Mind"

Emili Scott

Irving Middle School


"Making the Heart Sing"

Isaac Burke

Norman North High School


"Robert Pershing Wadlow"

Olivia Robertson

Norman High School


"Ma's Good Word"

Randi Wright

Odyssey Leadership Academy


"The King"

Lillie Brewster

Santa Fe South High School



Abigail Morales

Santa Fe South High School


"My Conscious"

Jett Ladouceur

Kennedy Elementary School


"So Far From Timeless"

Andrew Thompson

Academy of Classical Christian Studies

The Virtue Resource Library and this event were made possible through the generous support of grants from the John Templeton Foundation and the Kirkpatrick Foundation