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Nancy Snow Quoted in Article on College Admissions Scandal

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March 25, 2019

Nancy Snow Quoted in Article on College Admissions Scandal

Institute director, Nancy Snow, was recently quoted in an article written by Jennifer Graham titled, "The college admissions scandal revealed what can happen when a moral compass breaks. How can people fix this?" Published by Deseret News of Salt Lake City, the article discusses the ethical dimensions the admissions scandal that has afflicted several top universities in the U.S. Graham writes:

The scandal has exposed multiple ethical fault lines in American society, says Nancy Snow, director of the Institute of the Study of Human Flourishing at the University of Oklahoma and a specialist in virtue ethics and moral psychology.

These fault lines include a justice system that is harsher to poor people of color than to affluent whites, and one that is heavily invested in the ethically dubious but necessary practice of plea bargaining, she said.

More pointedly, the scandal also asks a question of all Americans: If moral standards are encoded in our DNA, as many theologians and philosophers have taught, how can people go so wildly off course?

And when our moral compass malfunctions, how can we recalibrate?

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