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3-year research fellowships with the Oxford Character Project

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March 9, 2020

3-year research fellowships with the Oxford Character Project

Oxford Character Project is recruiting five University of Oxford postdoctoral fellows (four Research Fellows and a Psychology Research Fellow) to work on a 3-year, Templeton-funded project, exploring the intersection between character formation, leadership development and institutional culture in four specific sectors: business, finance, law and technology. We will conduct research in these industries and design and deliver character and leadership development programmes for professional education in the university and beyond.

Entitled, "Virtues and Vocations”, the project's research is intended to advance theoretical and practical knowledge of character formation as it concerns the focal sectors. Our work will be thoroughly interdisciplinary, considering philosophical, theological, psychological, educational, and sociological aspects of character virtue development. The project builds on the existing work of the Oxford Character Project. It will be housed in the Faculty of Theology and Religion and work in conjunction with faculty from relevant Oxford departments as well as industry partners.

Each postholder will be responsible for carrying out research and developing and piloting character and leadership development programmes in one of the project's four focal sectors. 

Successful candidates will hold, or be close to completion of a relevant doctorate in philosophical, theological, psychological, educational or sociological accounts of human character and virtue with relevant knowledge of at least one of the industry sectors and a demonstrable research interest in character and leadership development. 

If interested in applying please check the following links. Research Fellow (4 posts)Psychology Research Fellow (1 post)