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International Conference: VIRTUE & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Gdańsk, 21-22 May 2020

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January 28, 2020

International Conference: VIRTUE & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Gdańsk, 21-22 May 2020

Virtue ethics, one of the most influential recent approaches to ethics, is founded on the Aristotelian idea of eudaimonia, having developed one’s potentialities. Eudaimonia so conceived, is to most virtue ethicists the goal of human life.

In order to achieve this goal, virtue ethicists say (and in saying that they also follow Aristotle), we need to develop ethical virtues, i.e., stable dispositions to perform morally good action, or in, other words, a morally good character. It is the realization of these virtues that constitutes the perfection of a human being as human being.

The above characterization of virtues is quite general, one can still ask about many important issues relating to the idea of eudaimonia, the central one being the one of human development. Thus, during our conference, we want to raise the following questions: How should human development be understood? How should we understand eudaimonia in the contemporary world? Is perfecting moral character necessary for achieving eudaimonia? What is the role of epistemic, executive, social or political virtues? Do virtues always enhance human development or do they, at least sometimes, impede it?

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