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Welcome Two New Postdoctoral Fellows

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Welcome New Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Michael. Barnes received his PhD in Philosophy from Georgetown University and joined the Institute in August 2020 to continue his research on hate speech, now focusing explicitly on its impact in online communities.  His dissertation, “Subordinating Speech and the Construction of Social Hierarchies,” is on the topic of how speech maintains oppression. Overall, his main interests are in the relationships between social/political institutions and interpersonal ethics.   This leads to a focus on concepts like oppression, dominations and exploration.

Dr. Devin  McCarthy received his PhD in Political Science at Duke University and joined the Institute in August 2020 to start a postdoctoral research fellowship. His research focuses on the intersection of public opinion, voting systems, and election administration.His dissertation “Resisting the Partisan Temptation: Public Opinion on Election Laws in a Polarized Era,”  examines how American citizens make the tradeoff between partisan interest and democratic principle when forming their opinions on election reforms