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OU Programs

As part of our mission to improve the flourishing of OU students and to advance the science of virtue, we manage activities and programs in four main areas.


This area includes programs that introduce OU freshmen to the OU virtues, help them reflect on how the virtues apply to their own lives as students and young citizens, and encourage them to cultivate the virtues within themselves. Learn more


In this program, we incentivize OU faculty to integrate one or more of the OU virtues into a new course or a redesigned existing course. We also assist in developing an assessment plan focused on measuring growth in understanding and developing the virtues in students. Learn more


We host a variety of lectures, including our annual Headliner Lecture and ISHF Welcome Lecture, our “Last Lectures,” and our Virtue Forum Luncheon presentations. Learn more


In addition to the research on virtue and flourishing produced by our Leadership Team, we also fund Postdoctoral Fellows and Dissertation Fellows, and we host academic conferences on virtue-related topics. Learn more

Outreach Programs


We have partnered with local schools to assist in incorporating virtue and character into their classrooms and organizational culture. Learn more


In addition to offering online resources for parents, we host free one-day events that connect parents with local educators and other experts on child character development and flourishing. Learn more


Having established partnerships with a variety of community organizations, we are facilitating their efforts to implement character-based programs to improve community flourishing. Learn more