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UC Collaborative Programs

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University College Collaborative Programs

We fund three main programs that serve OU freshmen, administered through University College, under the leadership of Dr. Nicole Campbell, Dean of University College and Institute Leadership Team Member, and Ms. Lillian Miller, Director of University College’s Freshman Programs.

We have collaborated with Dean Campbell, Ms. Miller, and their staff, to integrate the nine OU virtues into their existing Gateway to College Learning curriculum, and have supported their development of two new virtue-focused programs, Camp IMPACT and Common Read.

Gateway to College Learning

University College’s Gateway to College Learning Course teaches incoming freshmen how to successfully navigate OU and to build a strong foundation for collegiate and life-long success. In the 2016-17 academic year, 1,546 students in 95 sections completed the course.

In preparation for the course, Gateway instructors and peer teaching assistants receive training in virtue-related concepts and themes. All 95 sections use Gateway’s substantially revised textbook, which includes instruction on all nine OU virtues in the very first chapter, and additional disscusion of the virtues throughout the book.

Camp IMPACT: Spring Break with a Purpose

We offer this 4-day program in partnership with OU's University College. Camp IMPACT provides first year OU students an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of the role of character in their lives.

The camp includes volunteer/service opportunities, personal, cultural and social experiences, and civic exposures. Students engage in these purposeful experiences for three days over Spring Break in downtown Oklahoma City as well as participate in pre- and post-camp activities. Learn More

Common Read

Originally conceived as an independent program, this initiative has been integrated into University College's Gateway course. In this program, students read the book This I Believe, a compilation of personal essays written by a highly diverse set of authors. Students are led to reflect on the essays in light of the virtues, and write their own "This I Believe" essay.

In the spring, select essays are chosen to be read by their authors at a public recitation called "This I Believe: OU. Our first event took place on February 7, 2017. It featured select essays from OU freshmen in University College's Fall 2016 Gateway Course, and from OU staff and community members.

View videos from this event