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Nancy E. Snow, Ph.D.

Director and Professor of Philosophy

Phone: (405) 324-4725
: Chemistry Building 208E

Curriculum Vitae (01/19/18)

Areas of Specialization: Virtue Ethics and Virtue Theory, Moral Psychology

Areas of Competence: Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Ethics, Business Ethics, Bioethics, Free Will and Determinism, Asian Philosophy


Ph.D. 1988 University of Notre Dame
M.A. 1982 Marquette University
B.A. 1980 Marquette University

  • (2016 - ) Professor of Philosophy, University of Oklahoma
  • (2015 - ) Professor and Director of the Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing, University of Oklahoma
  • (2014 - 2015) Acting Chair, Marquette University Philosophy Department
  • (2010 - 2015) Professor of Philosophy, Marquette University
  • (2002 - 2005) Director of Core Curriculum, Marquette University
  • (1996 - 2010) Associate Professor of Philosophy, Marquette University
  • (1989 - 1996) Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Marquette University
  • (1987-1989) Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Arizona State University

For a complete list of articles, see my CV.

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  • Snow, N. (Forthcoming). Positive psychology, the classification of character strengths and virtues, and issues of measurement. The Journal of Positive Psychology.
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  • American Philosophical Association, Central Division     
  • American and International Society for Philosophy of Law
  • Feminist Ethics and Social Theory
  • North American Society for Social Philosophy, Archivist (2010-15)
  • Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion
  • Society for Women in Philosophy, Eastern Division
  • (2014) Awarded $2.6 million by the Templeton Religion Trust to co-direct a three-year project (September 1, 2014 - August 31, 2017) on "The Self, Motivation, and Virtue," with Professor Darcia Narvaez of the University of Notre Dame.         
  • (2010) Awarded $175,000 by "A New Science of Virtues," a project of the University of Chicago (funded by the John Templeton Foundation) for two years to work on a book, Landscapes of Hope: The 'What,' 'Why,' and 'How' of Hope.
  • (2008) Curriculum Enhancement Grant, Awarded for Summer ($3,000) for course development of “Eastern Philosophy and Feminism.”
  • (2001) National Science Foundation/American Philosophical Association, Awarded for Summer ($2,200) for work on the stem cell research debate.
  • (1992) Marquette University, College of Arts and Sciences, Mellon Grant, Awarded for Summer ($3,500) to develop a team-taught course (with Dr. Siobhan Moroney, formerly of Marquette's Political Science Department) on "Moral and Political Education."
  • (1990) Marquette University, Summer Faculty Fellowship ($3,200) for research.