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Love of Learning

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Love of Learning

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

What is love of learning?

Love of learning is a disposition to seek out new experiences and novel opportunities for learning. Love of learning can rescue a person from feelings of boredom and repetition. The most common example of someone that loves learning is a child. For the child, everything is fresh, new, and interesting. This is why it is often said to be a good thing to be “child-like”. Children are not motivated to learn for academic degrees or money. They learn because they enjoy it.

As we grow older learning becomes more and more associated with external rewards. As good as these things might be, in some ways, they can actually harm our motivation to learn because we begin to want the reward more than the new information or understanding. To truly love learning, it needs to be enjoyed for its own sake.

Why is it necessary?

The downfall of many college students has been the feeling of boredom and the lack of
“entertainment” that often goes along with many college lectures. Focusing on developing a love
of learning can, at times, buffer these experiences of boredom. For someone who loves learning, boredom is hard to find.

In many ways the lived experience is all the entertainment a true lover of learning needs. With such an attitude in tow, even the most mundane can be interesting. Having this attitude gives the college student more opportunities for learning than he or she might have otherwise. It also adds a greater richness to the experience.

The person who loves learning is always looking for something new. Very few activities in life are so monotonous that there is not at least something novel to be found. One just needs to know the right way to look at it.