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Euchee Tribe

Euchee Tribe

By Gwynne Easley

When the Euchee (often spelled Yuchi) tribe made first contact with the European colonizers, the members were located in settlements in eastern Tennessee, according to the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Throughout the remainder of the 1600s, they traveled to the southeastern portion of the United States and established settlements neighboring the Creek Nation in Georgia and Alabama.

The United States did not differentiate the Euchee and the Creek even though they spoke different languages. The two tribes were removed from the Southeast in 1830, and were given a land allotment in Oklahoma.

The Euchee settled the northern and northwestern portions of the land, according to the Oklahoma Historical Society. They are still seeking recognition as a tribe that is independent of the Creek Nation.

Gwynne Easley is a reporter with Gaylord News, a reporting project of the University of Oklahoma Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication.