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Graduate Certificate Programs

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NEW! Gaylord College Graduate Certificate Programs

Students can now receive graduate certificates in
strategic planning or media management

In Fall 2016, the Gaylord College introduce two new graduate certificates: a Graduate Certificate in  Media Management and a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Planning. Any current OU student or any non-student who has completed a bachelor’s degree can apply to be admitted to complete either one or both of certificates. 

Graduate certificates are not degree programs; rather, they are separate graduate education credentials. Certificates are the sets of courses that provide specific knowledge in the particular area. You do not have to commit to the 2-year Master’s program of study: with the graduate certificate, you simply apply to get accepted to the certificate program, complete a certain number of courses (on your time schedule, no time limit exists), and receive the certificate upon completion.

It is possible to apply the certificate coursework to the MA degree within the Gaylord College if later you decide to pursue a Master’s degree.

The Media Management Graduate Certificate requires a total of 13 credit hours:  9 credit hours of Journalism and Mass Communication courses (in the Gaylord College) and 4 credit hours of courses in the Price College of Business.

The Strategic Planning Graduate Certificate requires 12 hours: 9 credit hours in JMC (and includes courses such as strategic planning and strategic communication cases) and 3 credit hours in Anthropology (to master qualitative ethnographic marketing research techniques).

More information about the application process is below, or contact graduate student adviser Larry Laneer at