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A Message from Gaylord Dean, Ed Kelley

Gaylord / J-School Alumni,

Congratulations! You are one of 9,000+ J-school/Gaylord College alumni living and working around the world and I am sure you are doing remarkable things with your OU degree.  In the hopes of keeping you connected to Gaylord College, I wanted to take some time to give you my sense of where Gaylord College is now, and where we are going in the future.

Gaylord College is a place where inspiration connects with creativity and propels difference makers into meaningful careers in media, journalism and beyond. It’s where forward-thinking curriculum, underpinned by a strong emphasis on ethics, critical thinking and inclusion, prepares the leaders of tomorrow in fields that will demand nothing but the best in communication skills.

I believe this is one of the most exciting times in the history of media, as the ongoing digital revolution means some graduates of our program now have the opportunity to create their own businesses and attract their own customers. At the same time, our grads are getting jobs at companies and other organizations that in some cases didn’t exist but a few years ago.

The possibilities at Gaylord College are ever expanding:

  • Our award-winning advertising agency, Lindsey+Asp, is run by students and works with real clients. Internships for those who work in the agency are plentiful, and those internships often lead to jobs. Recruiters from Norman to New York, from London to Singapore, hire Lindsey+Asp students.
  • OU Nightly is another award-winning program inside Gaylord. It’s a daily television show, with segments on news, weather and sports, just like you’d see at a professionally run station. Students appear on air and behind the camera, gaining valuable experience. And like their advertising agency peers, OU Nightly students get internships while in school and jobs upon graduation.
  • Students with an itch to study abroad get the opportunity to do so. Gaylord students have been to London and elsewhere in Europe, as well as other parts of the world, traveling with veteran professors who share a deep curiosity for learning through travel.

As you can imagine, we are proud of Gaylord College and the favorable attention we’ve received. We are a top 10 program as ranked nationally by and the influential Radio Television Digital News Association.

I hope that you will stay connected to Gaylord College by joining our alumni association, JayMac. I encourage you to take advantage of the great programs and events that will take place throughout the year, as well as keep us updated on current contact information and post-graduation accomplishments.

Thank you as always for your continued support of Gaylord College.  We hope to see you on campus or at an alumni event soon!


Ed Kelley
Dean, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication