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Diversity Resources

This site is dedicated to sharing resources and websites that address diversity and the media. It is an internal resource for the Gaylord College Faculty. This site is organized as follows:

Links: Links to educational and mass communication websites. Included are sites from pedagogical organizations (such as University of Oregon's Teaching Effectively program) and searchable databases (such as AEJMC's diversity database). This list is a resource for the classroom as well as for research.

Resources: Gaylord College classroom materials that address diversity. This is an accumulation of assignments, presentations, media (images and media clips), and teaching resources that the Gaylord faculty have gathered and used in their courses. The content is organized by JMC courses numbers.

Organizations: Links to media and pedagogical professional associations whose mission is to enhance and support students from underrepresented ethnic and social cohorts. These organizations provide membership, scholarship, and/or internship opportunities for Gaylord students.

Stylebooks: Style manuals on proper conventions when journalists write or discuss issues and people of diversity.

If you have any materials or links to add, please contact Julie Jones.