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LST Study Guide

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Language Skills Test (LST) Study Guide

Welcome to the online Language Skills Test (LST) Study Guide. This site will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for the Language Skills Test. The LST is required of all students wishing to major in journalism and mass communication. The test must be completed satisfactorily prior to enrollment in JMC 2033, Writing for the Mass Media.


Answer keys are provided with all exercises. If you're having difficulty with the exercises, you should refer to the texts listed below for further instruction. The sample tests are written in the same format as the LST. You can assess your readiness to take the LST by taking the sample tests. Answer keys can be found at the end of each test.

Take the LST

The Language Skills Test is administered throughout the school year. You do not need to sign up to take the test. The LST is administered:

Please stop by Gaylord Hall
Call (405) 325-5684
to sign up to take the exam

Exams are available on Canvas.
Once permission is granted, you may take exam at any time.

The LST consists of 80 questions that are grouped into four sections: spelling; frequently confused words and irregular verb forms; identifying parts of speech and parts of a sentence; and general language skills. The LST takes most students about 45 minutes to complete; you will have 2 hours to complete the test. Students must get 70 percent (56 correct) to pass the exam. Results are available immediately.

Review Resources

  • Media Writer's Handbook, by George T. Arnold
  • Working With Words (4th ed.), by Brian S. Brooks, et al.
  • A Pocket Style Manual (2nd ed.), by Diana Hacker
  • When Words Collide (5th ed.), by Lauren Kessler and Duncan McDonald

Other online tutorials that may be useful can be found at