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Name Change

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Name Change

Affirming Name

For trans and gender non-conforming students, using a chosen name is important to one's overall well-being and success on campus.  Staff at the Gender + Equality Center can assist you in the process of executing a legal name change with the University.  We also understand that not all students are in the position to legally change their name, but would still like to use their chosen, or preferred name.

While it would great to only be required to update this information in one location, OU's technology infrastructure is not currently set up in such a way as to make that possible.

Our staff is working on long-term solutions to make this process easier; however, in the mean time, we have provided as much information as possible below. If you need any assistance or have further questions, please reach out to us at

Legal Name Change

The University of Oklahoma believes in supporting students in a variety of ways, one of which is helping students navigate legal spaces. Student Legal Services is free for any OU student to use and will help in any legal manner that does not directly involve another OU student. One of the many services they offer is helping idividuals legally change their name. If you would like to set up a meeting, email

Application for Change of Name

Application for Change is Name is now online. If you do not have or do not know your Sooner ID number, please contact the Office of the Registrar in order to proceed with your name change. Please call (405) 325-4147 or email


Online Directory, Class Roster, and Grade Roster

You can visit and update your preferred name in the Account Settings tab in the upper right corner. 


Engage is OU's official platform for connecting to student organizations and on-campus events and trainings. You may change your name in the profile section after loggin in. To visit Engage, click here.


You can change your email alias (the name that appears before your @) at


 In order to change your name on canvas, you must make changes to

    1. Display Name

    2. Full name

    3. Sortable name.

You can do this by going to > account > Settings > Edit Settings


Without a legal name change, students have the option of having a chosen first name and legal last name listed on their diploma. Students list their chosen/preferred name on their Graduation Application which you will complete in you final year at OU.

Once you have a court order for your name change, you can complete the Application for Change of Name online. Once the form is received, the name on the educational records will be changed within the system.


Send an email to and request the name to be changed.