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Graduate Degree Management Specialists

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Contact Your Graduate Degree Management Specialist

General Information for Current Students

Course advising at the graduate level is handled within the academic unit through which your program is offered.

Graduate College graduate degree management specialists can help you with questions about:

If you are exploring graduate programs at the University of Oklahoma, you can find admissions counselor contact information on the Graduate Admissions website.

Explore Graduate Programs

If you are newly admitted and you need to be advised for enrollmentcontact the academic unit offering your graduate program.

Enrollment Information

Graduate Certificates

Danielle Talley ( is the contact for all Norman/online graduate certificate programs. 

Tulsa Programs

For all Tulsa graduate degree and certificate programs, contact the Tulsa Graduate College.

Graduate Degree Management Specialist By Major

Graduate Degree Management Specialists for Norman and Extended Campus master's and doctoral programs are listed alphabetically by major below.


MajorGraduate Degree Management Specialist
AccountingKim Mahre (
Administrative Leadership
Tierra Hurley (
Adult & Higher EducationAbby Young (
Aerospace and DefenseTierra Hurley (
Aerospace EngineeringAshley Herndon (
AnthropologyRebecca Horner (
Applied Linguistic Anthropology
Rebecca Horner (
ArchitectureKim Mahre (
ArtRebecca Horner (
Art History
Rebecca Horner (
Art and TechnologyRebecca Horner (
BiologyRebecca Horner (
Biomedical Engineering
Tierra Hurley (
Business Administration
Tierra Hurley (


MajorGraduate Degree Management Specialist
Cellular and Behavioral Neurobiology: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Ashley Herndon (
Cellular and Behavioral Neurobiology: Biology
Rebecca Horner (
Cellular and Behavioral Neurobiology: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rebecca Horner (
Cellular and Behavioral Neurobiology: Psychology
Ashley Herndon (
Chemical EngineeringStephanie Powers (
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rebecca Horner (
Choral Conducting
Rebecca Horner (
Civil Engineering
Ashley Herndon (
CommunicationKristi Meyers (
Computer ScienceAshley Herndon (
Rebecca Horner (
Construction ManagementKim Mahre (
Counseling PsychologyStephanie Powers (
Criminal JusticeRebecca Horner (


MajorGraduate Degree Management Specialist
DanceRebecca Horner (
Data Science and Analytics
Ashley Herndon (
Diversity, Equity, and Social JusticeStephanie Powers (
DramaRebecca Horner (
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Biology
Rebecca Horner (
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Botany and Microbiology
Abby Young (
EconomicsTierra Hurley (
Education Administration Curriculum/SupervisionAbby Young (
Educational Studies
Abby Young (
Electrical and Computer EngineeringTierra Hurley (
Energy Executive MBA
Tierra Hurley (
EngineeringAshley Herndon (
Engineering Physics
Abby Young (
EnglishKim Mahre (
Environmental EngineeringAshley Herndon (
Environmental ScienceAshley Herndon (
Environmental Studies
Ashley Herndon (
Environmental Sustainability
Abby Young (
Exercise Physiology
Kristi Meyers (
FinanceTierra Hurley (
FrenchTierra Hurley (


MajorGraduate Degree Management Specialist
Geography and Environmental Sustainability
Abby Young (
Geoinformatics (Interdisciplinary)
Abby Young (
Geological EngineeringKim Mahre (
GeologyKim Mahre (
GeophysicsKim Mahre (
GermanTierra Hurley (
Global AffairsAshley Herndon (
Global Studies
Ashley Herndon (
Health and Exercise ScienceKristi Meyers (
Health PromotionKristi Meyers (
HistoryStephanie Powers (
History of Science, Technology and MedicineStephanie Powers (
Human and Health Services Administration
Abby Young (
Human Relations
Stephanie Powers (
Hydrology and Water Security
Ashley Herndon (


MajorGraduate Degree Management Specialist
Inclusive LeadershipStephanie Powers (
Industrial and Systems EngineeringAshley Herndon (
Information StudiesKristi Meyers (
Instructional Leadership and Academic CurriculumKim Mahre (
Instructional Psychology and TechnologyStephanie Powers (
Instrumental Conducting
Rebecca Horner (
Integrative Studies
Stephanie Powers (
Interdisciplinary Ph.D. ProgramKim Mahre (
Interior DesignKim Mahre (
International Relations
Rebecca Horner (
Journalism and Mass CommunicationRebecca Horner (
Landscape ArchitectureKim Mahre (
Learning SciencesStephanie Powers (
Library and Information Studies
Kristi Meyers (


MajorGraduate Degree Management Specialist
Management of Information Technology
Kim Mahre (
Mass Communication
Rebecca Horner (
MathematicsKristi Meyers (
MBATierra Hurley (
Mechanical Engineering
Ashley Herndon (
MeteorologyAshley Herndon (
MicrobiologyAbby Young (
Museum StudiesTierra Hurley (
Music CompositionRebecca Horner (
Music EducationRebecca Horner (
Music Theory
Rebecca Horner (
MusicologyRebecca Horner (
Native American Studies
Abby Young (
Natural Gas Engineering and Management
Kim Mahre (


MajorGraduate Degree Management Specialist
OrganRebecca Horner (
Organizational Leadership (including Extended Campus Interdisciplinary PhD)
Tierra Hurley (
Petroleum EngineeringKim Mahre (
PhilosophyTierra Hurley (
PhysicsAbby Young (
Planning, Design and Construction
Kim Mahre (
PianoRebecca Horner (
Piano PedagogyRebecca Horner (
Plant BiologyAbby Young (
Political ScienceAbby Young (
Prevention Science
Abby Young (
Professional CounselingStephanie Powers (
Professional MBA
Tierra Hurley (
Professional Writing
Rebecca Horner (
PsychologyAshley Herndon (
Public Administration
Abby Young (


MajorGraduate Degree Management Specialist
Reading Specialist
Kim Mahre (
Regional and City Planning
Kim Mahre (
Renewables EMBATierra Hurley (
Social Work
Abby Young (
SociologyKristi Meyers (
SpanishTierra Hurley (
Special EducationStephanie Powers (
Sports Data AnalyticsKristi Meyers (
Strategic Communication and Digital StrategyRebecca Horner (
Teacher Certification (Unclassified)
Kim Mahre (
Tierra Hurley (
21st Century Teaching and LearningStephanie Powers (
UnclassifiedKristi Meyers (
VoiceRebecca Horner (
Wind/Percussion/StringRebecca Horner (