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The Graduate College Admissions Team

Let the team in Graduate Admissions be a resource for you!

Phone: 405-325-6765
731 Elm Avenue, Rm 213
Norman, OK 73019

ETS Code: 6879 U of Oklahoma Norman

Contact US

You may contact to the Graduate College Admissions team by email or phone. In-person and virtual appointments are also available. At this time we are unable to accomodate walk-in visits.

To check the status of your application

To scheduled an in-person or virtual appointment with an admission counselor

  • Identify the admissions counselor assigned to the graduate program that you wish to pursue. 
  • Graduate Admissions counselor program assignments can be found on the OU's Explore Graduate Programs page.
  • Schedule an appointment by clicking the button beneath the appropriate counselor's name.

If you schedule an in-person appointment, please be aware the following procedures apply:

  • You should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Only 1 person per appointment is allowed. If you require an accomodation to bring an additional person with you, please contact your admissions counselor before your scheduled appointment.
  • Check-in with the receptionists in the Graduate College in Robertson Hall, room 213.
  • Not vaccinated? Feel sick? Mask up. Masking is strongly encouraged for all unvaccinated individuals when inside OU’s academic, athletic, housing, and administrative facilities. 
    • More information about OU's COVID-19 resouces and policies can be found on the OU Together website.
  • If you want us to mask, just ask. 
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so no later than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

To contact your admissions counselor

  • Email your admissions counselor directly, or email
  • Phone: (405) 325-3811

For general admissions questions


Meet the Team

 Amy Shaw
 Director, Graduate Admissions | 405-325-5309

Emilie Gordon
Technology Coordinator | 405-325-7752

Lindsey Harper
Admissions Counselor | 405-325-5112

Meet With Lindsey

Matt Sanders
Admissions Counselor | 405-325-8697

Meet With Matt

Carissa Barry
Admissions Counselor 

Meet With Carissa

ReRe Lunsford
Admissions Counselor | 405-325-4727

Meet with ReRe

Aubrey Crynes
Admissions Counselor

Meet With Aubrey

Christina "Chris" Thomas
Staff Assistant | 405-325-6992

Julia Charpentier
Admissions Counselor

Meet With Julia