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International Transcripts

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When You Apply

Applicants must submit a transcript from the college or university where they earned their most recent degree in order to be considered for admission. If the transcript is not in English then a certfied English translation should be included. For example, if you have both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, you must provide a copy of the transcript from your master’s degree. If you are currently in a degree program and will earn that degree before the semester you are applying for, you must submit a transcript from your current institution.

To minimize your application’s time to review, please upload a copy of your official transcript and degree certificate directly to the application.

After Admission

If you are admitted, you must submit official academic records from all institutions where you earned a degree. This should include an official transcript, degree certificate and certified English translations. You can either schedule an appointment with your admissions counselor to submit your official documents to our office when you arrive on campus or mail them to:

Graduate College Admissions
731 Elm Avenue, Room 213
Norman, OK 73019


What's in a Transcript?

For most international applicants, a complete academic record includes:

  • Transcripts
    • An official, complete transcript notating all degree coursework.
    • Indian Applicants only - Applicants that have earned degrees from India should provide individual semester mark sheets that notate all repeated coursework. Consolidated mark sheets may be submitted, but will only be accepted if accompanied by individual semester mark sheets.   
  • Degree Certificate or Diploma
    • A degree certificate or diploma is not required if the transcript notates the name of the degree and the date it was conferred.
  • Graduation Certificate 
    • Chinese applicants only - Applicants from China should also submit a graduation certificate in addition to the degree certificate or diploma.
  • A Diploma Supplement (if the degree is Bologna-compliant).

If your academic records are in a language other than English, you must provide both the original document and an official or certified, word-for-word English translation.

Official vs. Unofficial

Unofficial transcripts are uploaded as part of the application process.

  • Photocopies of original documents are unofficial.
  • Any transcript that you upload to the application or email to our office is, by definition, unofficial.

Official transcripts are required if you are admitted.

  • These are the original documents or attested copies.
  • DO NOT mail your official transcripts if they are the only official documents you will ever receive from your previous institution. If your school will not issue multiple official academic records, contact your Admissions Counselor and plan on bringing them in person when you arrive on campus.