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Writing Screening Details

Written Clarity Is Crucial for Teaching Effectiveness!

Candidates whose written English proficiency test scores for OU admission match one of those listed below are required to be screened for written English proficiency before being certified to instruct in English at OU. Candidates with English proficeincy test scores above those listed below are exempt from writing screening. 

  • Below a 20 on the writing subsection of the iBT TOEFL
  • Below a 6.0 on the writing subsection of the IELTS
  • Below a 55 on the writing subsection of the Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • Below a 105 on the production and literacy subsections of the Duolingo English Test (DET)

There are two tasks that comprise the WRITE Test - 

  • An Email : Candidates compose an email to a student about several information items likely to be sent from a TA / instructor (125-200 words); the information items for the email are given to the candidates as part of the test prompt.

  • Summary + Response: Candidates compose a summary and response/opinion (150-250 words) regarding a short, general academic article (400-500 words) given to the candidate as part of the test prompt; paraphrasing is required. 

This WRITE Test tasks is assessed on a Qualify/Not Qualify scale. The following criteria are used to determine the proficiency of a candidate's writing:

  • Varied and accurate sentence structures
  • Relevant response to the prompt/task
  • Organization and cohesion of the content 
  • Range and accuracy of vocabulary
  • Appropriate and accurate paraphrasing / use of sources

The ETCS Director will evaluate the WRITE Test according to these criteria using the analytic rubric provided to the candidate on the test day. A qualifying score is 80/100.

Candidates who qualify may have occasional mistakes in all the above criteria. The frequency of these mistakes and their impact on the writing's efficacy determine if a candidate receives a qualifying score. 

Examinees may review their WRITE Test with the ETCS Director, to discuss ways to improve their writing. Reviews are strongly encouraged for examinees who do not qualify on their first attempt.

WRITE Tests will be administered remotely via Zoom, and can take up to 1.5 hours

The following materials will be made available during the WRITE Test via the candidate's OU email. 

  • WRITE Test rubric
  • Test writing prompts - there are two tasks involved in this test; see above for details
  • The text for the second task 

There is no fee for the WRITE Test, and the test may be taken once each semester, during the following months:

  • February-Early April
  • June-Early August
  • October-Early November
  • The OU Writing Center offers many developmemt options for graduate students' writing.
  • ETCS collaborates with the Writing Center to offer a free writing course for multilingual graduate students in January and May of each year. 
  • Contact the ETCS Office for scheduling a free review of the WRITE Test or for additional academic writing campus resources. 
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