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Certification Process

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The English Certification Process for Instructing

Choose from the options below, based on where you are at in the certification process.

  • Based on Oklahoma state law, ETCS screens candidates for written English proficiency.
  • This writing screening is done in addition to the ECC Test, which focuses on listening and speaking proficiency. 
  • Written English proficiency is assessed via the WRITE Test IF the candidates English proficeincy test scores are BELOW the ones listed in the following chart.
  • The WRITE Test can be taken once per semester and is free.
  • A free coaching session with the ETCS Director is required for candidates who did not pass the WRITE Test on their first attempt and need to re-test.

Who Has to Complete the WRITE Test?

Candidates with written English proficiency test scores for admission below the following standards must complete the WRITE Test: 

  • Scoring below a 20 on the writing subsection of the iBT TOEFL*
  • Scoring below a 6.0 on the writing subsection of the IELTS*
  • Scoring below a 55 on the writing subsection of the Pearson Test of English (PTE)*
  • Scoring below a 105 on the production and literacy subsections of the Duolingo English Test (DET)*

Who Is Exempt from the WRITE Test?

Candidates who meet one of the following criteria are exempted from writing screening:

  • Have submitted English proficiency test scores above those listed to the left 
  • Have completed a degree at an accredited college or university in an OU approved English-speaking country



*ETCS follows the OU Graduate Admissions policy of not accepting "My Best" TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Higher AND more recent English proficiency test scores can be used in lieu of the scores submitted for an OU application.

  • In addition to completing the writing screening, candidates must take the ECC Test, the teaching simulation test for English language certification to instruct.
  • The ECC Test can be taken once per semester. Yearly test dates can be found on this calendar.
  • The ECC Test costs $50, to pay the ECC Test panelists.
  • Information about the ECC Test criteria and scoring procedures can be found on the ECC Test webpage
  • Candidates who score Level D on the ECC Test will be required to take a free ETCS training course in one of the subsequent two semesters after their ECC Test. 
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