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Test Dates and Deadlines

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Test Cycles' Dates and Deadlines

ETCS offers the English certification test (the ECC Test) once per semester*, during the following months:

  • Late March - Early May
  • Late July - Late August
  • Late October - Early December

Screening Tests are offered before each ECC Test cycle*, during the following months:

  • February - Early April
  • June - Early August
  • October - Early November

The ECC Test and SPEAK Test each cost $50, to pay the test raters. The WRITE Test is free. 

plan ahead

International scholars who may hold a position that involves instructional interactions for the any given semester must be certified by ETCS at the appropriate English capacity level BEFORE the semester that the instructional position begins.

etcs upcoming deadlines

To obtain English proficiency certification for the Spring 2021 semester, candidates must begin the certification process as soon as possible, preferably by November 1, 2020 to ensure enough time to complete all required assessments.

*Emergency requests for certification which require the administration of a SPEAK, WRITE, or ECC Test after the regular testing cycle has been completed may be subject to a late fee of $50. 

2020 Assessment Cycles: Important Dates and Details

Click the forward or back blue arrows below to see dates and details for all three annual testing cycles.