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We Recommend ETCS Training Before Testing

Free Training Options*

All ETCS training services are designed to provide timely, transferable English communication skills for international graduate students and post docs. 

  • ETCS offers individual reviews of WRITE, and ECC Tests for candidates who will take these tests again and/or who want additional feedback after taking a test.
  • The ETCS Director conducts the review sessions which focus on specific English elements to practice and strategies for improving communicative competence for a classroom setting.
  • Reviews last approximately 45 minutes and can be scheduled by contacting the ETCS Director, Jessica Reynolds

This free training course specifically develops participants' English communicative competence for academic situations in U.S. universities through instruction and practice in the following areas:

  • Targeted Vocabulary Development
  • Fluency Building Activities (e.g., Discourse Structuring and Verbal Coherence Cues)
  • Prosody Training (Prosody = The melody and rhythm of a language)  
  • Stress Timing Awareness and Practice
  • Sound Decoding and Articulation Practice
  • Listening Fluency Training
  • Teaching Speech and Presentation Skills (e.g., Communication Pragmatics, Compensation/Clarification Strategies)
  • Speaking Experiences (e.g., Confidence-Building Activities Both During and Outside of Class)

This course is customizable for participants to build a robust academic fluency for academic communication in graduate programs and teaching speech situations for GTA appointments.

The course meets for 4 hours per week for the first 10 weeks of each Spring and Fall semester, with extra-curricular activities and individualized practice tools provided. There is a strict attendance policy in this course. Those interested in enrolling in this course should contact the ETCS Director, Jessica Reynolds.

This academic writing course, offered in collaboration with the OU Writing Center, invites participants to explore and practice rhetorical approaches for producing written work within U.S. graduate programs. The course is designed for graduate students with multilingual backgrounds at various stages of their master's or doctoral degrees.

Participants will investigate and produce U.S. academic writing conventions and disciplinary-specific moves to develop their written coherence, individual style, accuracy, and synthesis of sources. Also, participants will complete several language-focused discussions and analyses of texts, with individual writing time provided to apply learning to authentic writing tasks. Another element of the course is receiving individual feedback from writing consultants on writing projects (i.e., a dissertation proposal, thesis methodology chapter, conference paper, etc.).

Writing Course Details:

  • This course is usually offered in the Spring semester of each year and/or one of the summer semester blocks, depending on instructor availability. 
  • The course meets for a total of approximately 40 hours, with some homework required.
  • Those interested in enrolling in this course should contact the ETCS Director, Jessica Reynolds.
  • The next time this course will be offered is in the Spring 2022 semester.
  • The ETCS Director can observe and coach any international instructor, who would like to have feedback on their English communication in a classroom context.
  • Follow-up coaching sessions will be scheduled, as needed, before and after the observation has occurred.
  • Note that the observations and coaching sessions will be focused on language-specific content, rather than on discipline-specific content or pedagogical methods. 
  • The ETCS Director will arrange individual English communication coaching for any international instructor who desires such support.

*These training options are only available for current OU graduate students, visiting scholars, post docs, and adjunct faculty. Enrollment preference is given for teaching assistants and instructors.