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English Language Resources

Use these resources anytime, anywhere to enhance English communication ability.

Speaking Fluency and Articulation Clarity

Resource & LinkDescription
Academic Terms by DisciplineThis free site contains lists of audio and written academic words by discipline as well as a variety of other English language practice resources.
Blue CanoeThis app has free and paid versions and uses brain science and a virtual AI teacher to help users learn the sounds and rhythm of English with the Color Vowel® method. This is the ETCS Director's most recommended program for improving comprehensibility - just 10 minutes a day!
Elemental EnglishThis channel is a free collection of instructional videos about pronunciation, connected speech, prosody and grammar topics, with a focus on everyday English use in North America.
ELSA SPEAKThis is a personalized mobile application, first released in 2016, that provides targeted pronunciation and sound articulation practice for $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year.
Home Speech HomeThis free site has extensive word lists for each North American English sound as well as countless exercises for discriminating sounds.
PronuncianThis free site offers minimal pairs, word lists, and lessons for all North American English sounds. 
Rachel's EnglishThis free site contains a plethora of videos, exercises, and examples of North American English pronunciation and connected speech features.
Speech Sounds VisualizedThis app, developed by a speech language pathologist, uses a combination of x-ray images, audio recordings, and written instructions to guide users in forming standard North American English sounds. The app costs $9.99 and only works for iOS.
Perfect English GrammarA free and thorough English Grammar site covering many of the accuracy issues common in complex language use; worksheets, quizzes, and helpful handouts are available for download.

Listening Fluency

Resource & LinkDescription
English CentralCustomizable listening and pronunciation exercises are provided on this free site, via hundreds of short videos.
TED TalksA free, searchable website full of many interesting lectures on a plethora of topics; transcripts and subtitles can be enabled for listening, prosody, and pronunciation practice.
VoiceTubeA free, customizable site that allows users to listen to and repeat various level-appropriate videos on different topics 
YouglishThis free site allows users to search words or phrases in English and see videos of these words/phrases being used in real contexts.

Interactional and Discourse Competence for Teaching Speech

Resource & LinkDescription
Texas A&M Video about Communicating with a MaskThis 15-minute video from Texas A&M Univerisity about teaching with a mask is an informative, research-based explanation of issues with and strategies for wearing masks while teaching.
MIT User-Friendly ClassroomFive short videos (2-9 minutes) that include advice from undergraduates and international TAs as well as examples of TA-taught classes, all with interactive transcripts and analysis questions. This resource is completely free.
Utah State University International Teaching Assistant Training VideosA series of helpful videos of pragmatic tips from international teaching assistants and faculty for teaching courses in the U.S.
Common Student QuestionsThe University of Minnesota staff have created this free resource for international TAs to become familiar with common student-asked questions and typical teacher responses. 
University of Washington's Resources for ITAsThis comprehensive site contains insightful articles that give tips, tools, and expectations for teaching in the U.S.
Vanderbilt University's Guide for International Teaching AssistantsThis site is another free, in-depth resource for expectations, norms, and strategies for success as an international teaching assistant in the U.S.
EAP international walking