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Online Forms FAQ

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Online Forms FAQ

Browser Information

Q: Which web browser should I use to access Dynamic Forms?

A: For optimal results, access the forms through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Some users have reported errors in accessing the forms through Apple Safari.

OU Single Sign On and Bookmarking

Q: How can I sign in to access my forms? Is it possible to bookmark the Dynamic Forms log in page?

A: OU students, faculty, and staff can sign into their Dynamic Forms portal using their OU credentials. You should be directed to an OU Single Sign On page in order to sign into Dynamic Forms successfully using your OU credentials.

You can bookmark the Single Sign On using the following link (your browser may modify the link when it first saves as a bookmark, requiring you to edit the bookmarked link):

Clicking "Save Progress" vs. "Submit Form"

Q: What happens if I click "Save Progress" instead of "Submit Form" at the bottom of the form?

A: If you click "Save Progress," the form will not continue in the electronic workflow. It will be saved in your "Pending/Drafts" folder and may not be visible to other users and cosigners. If you wish for the form to continue in the electronic workflow, you will need to log in, locate the form in your "Pending/Drafts" folder, and click "Submit Form" at the bottom of the form.

Signing a Form Without Clicking "Submit Form"

Q: What happens if I sign a form but do not scroll down and click "Submit Form" at the bottom of the form?

A: If you sign a form without clicking "Submit Form" at the bottom of the form, the form will not proceed to the next step of the electronic workflow and processing may be delayed. To correct this, you will need to log in to Dynamic Forms using your OU credentials (or manual Dynamic Forms account for non-OU faculty), click on the form, and click "Submit Form" at the bottom of the form.

Submitting Incomplete Forms

Q: Something is wrong with the form I’m trying to submit; the information that is supposed to auto populate in the form is not doing so or the information that has auto populated is incorrect. What do I do?

A: Do not click "Submit Form." Click "Save Progress" and immediately contact your Graduate College Academic Counselor for assistance. Additional information may be required from you or your academic unit in order to make sure the information that is supposed to auto populate in your form does so correctly.

Dynamic Forms Time Out

Q: Why has Dynamic Forms logged me out?

A: Dynamic Forms will log a user out after a certain period of inactivity and return to the Dynamic Forms log in page (rather than the OU Single Sign On page). Please see the "OU Single Sign On and Bookmarking" instructions above to successfully sign back in to your Dynamic Forms portal.

Creating a Manual Dynamic Forms Account (Non-OU Faculty ONLY)

Q: As a non-OU faculty member, how can I sign into Dynamic Forms to sign forms for OU students?

A: To create a manual Dynamic Forms account, please follow these instructions.

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account (with the email you will use to sign the form).
  3. Check email for the link to validate account.
  4. Log in and click "Pending/Draft" forms.
  5. Click “Complete Form” for the form that needs to be completed.