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Thesis/Dissertation Instruction Packet

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Thesis/Dissertation Instruction Packet


The Thesis/Dissertation Instruction Packet is currently available as a PDF document. If you have any questions, please contact your Graduate College academic counselor or call us at (405) 325-3811.

Download the Packet (pdf)

Formatting Requirements

Review the full packet (pdf) for complete information and sample pages.

  • Standard, professional 12-point font must be used throughout (headings may be larger).
  • Page margins must be consistent throughout the document (minimum 1” and maximum 1.5”).
  • The first three (3) pages of the document must appear in the following order: Title Page, Committee Page, and Copyright Page. Do not include page numbers on these pages.
  • The text of the Title Page, Committee Page, and Copyright Page must include all text on the sample pages of the instruction packet (format may vary).
  • The Title Page must include the exact name of the degree.
  • The Committee Page must include the exact name of the academic unit.
  • The Committee Page must include the names of each committee member (no signatures; format may vary).
  • The document title on the Title Page and Committee Page must match the title on the Approval for Thesis/Dissertation Submission to SHAREOK form.
  • Front matter must include at minimum a Table of Contents and Abstract. Roman numeral page numbers begin with “iv” on the page directly following the Copyright Page.
  • Arabic numeral page numbers beginning with “1” on the first page of the thesis/dissertation text (e.g., Chapter 1 or Introduction) and continue through the remainder of the document.
  • Page numbers must be in a consistent position throughout the document on every page following the Copyright Page.
  • All tables, figures, illustrations, and other visual content must be within the margins.
  • Bibliography or References section(s) must be included.
  • SHAREOK submission must include a complete .pdf version of the entire thesis/dissertation document with the file name Year_StudentLastName_StudentFirstName_Thesis or
  • SHAREOK submission must include a version in the native file format used to create the document (.docx, .zip, or .tar for LaTeX, etc.) with a file name that matches the .pdf document.

The following collections of links may help you in formatting your document.

Note: These pages are outside the OU website and are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the University of Oklahoma.

Personal Bound Copies

For students defending on or after August 20, 2018, the Graduate College will no longer accept a print submission of the thesis/dissertation document. Students will only be required to submit digitally to the SHAREOK repository.

Students who would like bound copies of their document may wish to contact the following local bindery services, which may produce bound theses/dissertations similar to those housed in the Great Reading Room of Bizzell Memorial Library.

Sooner Bindery, Inc.
4335 SE 28th Street, Suite A
Del City, OK  73115
(405) 232-4764

Ace Bookbinding Co.
825 N Classen Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK  73106
(405) 525-8888

Disclaimer: This contact information is provided for informational purposes only. Bindery services listed here are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the University of Oklahoma.

Students who may look for bindery services online are strongly advised to read the vendor’s terms very carefully, as some vendors may engage in unscrupulous practices (for example, making bound copies available for sale without the author’s foreknowledge).