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Funding Graduate Education

A graduate assistant is a student who serves in a support role while pursing graduate study. Graduate assistants typically assist faculty with instructional responsibilities as teaching assistants or academic research responsibilities as research assistants.

Graduate fellowships are financial awards to support students in degree progression. The Graduate College and other academic units offer funding opportunities through a variety of fellowships.

Graduate students may apply for travel and research grants which fund travel for research or to present their research at conferences.

Scholarships and awards are one-time or renewable financial awards designed to help students pay for academic study.

Financial Aid Services, Bursar Services, and the OU Scholarship office recently united to create the Student Financial Center to better serve students at the University of Oklahoma. Visit the Student Financial Center to learn more about the federal financial aid opportunities.

Working on campus in a student job is a great way to network and prepare for the future by doing meaningful work while pursuing a graduate degree.