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Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

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Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Welcome to the OU Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA). Our mission is to create and support a university-wide community and culture that enriches the postdoc experience at OU. 

Established in Fall 2020 (PDF announcement), the OPA helps to support postdoc onboarding and professional development and provides community and support for postdoctoral researchers and their mentors. The OPA is housed within the Graduate College to take advantage of the synergies possible by leveraging the professional development, community, and support resources provided for graduate students, and it involves close lines of communication with the Provost’s Office and Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships.   

We are available to consult with faculty and postdocs on challenging situations and provide support to postdocs who are experiencing obstacles to their success. Please contact us if you need a consultation.


Associate Dean Liz Karr

Liz Karr, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of the Graduate College
Associate Professor of Microbiology and Plant Biology


Dr. Rodney Bates

Rodney Bates, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Student and Postdoc Retention Support