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Honors Advising

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Honors Advising

In order to graduate with Honors, it is important that you meet with the cum Laude advisor at least once a year to make sure you are staying on track. We can answer questions about how to combine your major and Gen ed required courses to satisfy Honors requirements, how study abroad counts for Honors elective credit, how to contract for Honors credit, and how to complete the Honors reading and research requirements.

Process to Graduate Cum Laude

  • Be admitted into the Honors College.
  • Take at least 9 hours of Honors credit which can include Honors designated courses, study abroad programs sponsored by OU, and OSLEP, Feaver-MacMinn, Puterbaugh or Neustadt seminars.
  • Take HON 2973, Perspectives on the American Experience, 3 hours.
  • Take an Honors Colloquium (HON 3993, 3 hours) your junior or senior year
  • Complete Honors Reading and Honors Research (2 hours reading, 3 hours research-usually in your junior or senior year).

Note: If your senior capstone is research-oriented, it may waive the Honors Reading requirement. Contact the Honors College for details. Biology majors must complete seven hours of Honors Reading and Research, as required by the Biology department.

  • Submit the Honors College graduation form to the graduation coordinator.
  • Submit an Honors Thesis (generally, your Honors Reading and Research project) to the Honors College office prior to graduation.
  • Maintain an OU retention GPA and a Combined retention GPA of 3.40 or above.

Students completing the Honors College curricular requirements will have a degree designation of:

  • Cum laude (3.40-3.59)
  • Magna cum laude (3.60-3.79)
  • Summa cum laude (3.80-4.00)

This is the most prestigious undergraduate degree designation attainable at the University of Oklahoma.

All Honors College students must apply to graduate with honors (located in the Honors Forms page) and make an appointment with Jeff Cooper the cum Laude Graduation Advisor by logging on to iadvise: (insert link)

Honors Coordinators

You will find a list of all the coordinators in the following document.

Contact an Honors Advisor

Jeff Cooper

Carolyn Morgan

For Appointment: Go to and look under "Miscellaneous advising".