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Alumni Updates

Alumni Updates

Tanya Miller Eager checks in with some of our esteemed alumni about life after graduating from OU.

(L-R) Bailey, Geoffrey, Nathan, Kara and Elizabeth Morgan

Kara Morgan graduated magna cum laude in May 2005 with a BA in psychology, a BA in Sociology, and a M.Ed. in Educational Studies and Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies

While at OU, she was a research assistant in the Psychology Personality Lab as an undergraduate and served as a teaching assistant in sociology for Prof. Ann Beutel, who later chaired Morgan’s master's thesis. Morgan participated in a student environmental group and volunteered with the international student office as both an undergraduate and graduate student. As a graduate student, she worked as a research assistant for the Center for Educational Development and Research. Morgan also started a non-profit group for caregivers who are also students, named OMEC, working to raise awareness of the needs of parent/caregiver students and advocating for a whole-person approach in academic life and education.

Morgan had the opportunity to study abroad in Sweden for a year in 2003. Originally intending to spend a semester Stockholm, Morgan enjoyed it so much that she transferred to a school in Linköping for a second semester.

Morgan’s time in the Honors college helped her to do her best in all areas and to constantly challenge herself to learn new things and to be open to the possibility of there being different and perhaps better way of doing things or seeing things. She was able to talk her way into a graduate level politics course as an undergraduate in Sweden because of her Honors classes and status.

After graduating from OU in May 2010, Morgan went to work for the Department of Human Services. She worked in Adult and Family Services as a TANF worker for a while and transferred to Child Welfare a few years ago. She was a Permanency Planning worker for a couple of years, working with children in state custody and their families. Now, Morgan coordinates and facilitates meetings between natural families, child welfare staff and court personnel, foster families, and other agency partners and service providers to help make sure children and families are supported, everyone is communicating, and make plans to address any needs or barriers to success and permanency for children. Morgan is very pleased to have a good career that is satisfying and aligns with her core values, as well as a beautiful family and healthy, wonderful children.

Hannah Norton and Bear
Hannah Norton and Bear

Hannah Norton came to OU from Arkansas and graduated magna cum laude in 2014 with a BA in anthropology. While at OU, she bounced around various activities, but was most involved with the Anthropology Club as well as almost anything the Honors College was putting on. Norton also had a blast working at the front office desk at the Honors College office - especially when Prof. (now Dean) Hamerla would randomly come up with another palindrome to add to her name (for a time she was Hannah Racecar Kayak). Norton also worked at a hospital in Oklahoma City as a scribe, often being asked by her roommates how she managed to sleep (honestly, not much). 

Choosing her favorite memories and experiences of the Honors College is a difficult one for Norton. She found some of her best friends in her freshman dorm, and highly recommends leaving a dorm room door open because of the surprise at who will wander in looking for a new friend. There were many movie nights, freak outs in the study room, and lots of laughs while on Walker 10. She has been in weddings, gone on vacations, and compared dog parenting tips with the family she made while on that floor. During COVID, some of her old friends/dormmates started a book club over Zoom and it has been such a bright spot in this wild year.

What Norton appreciated most about the Honors College was that she had the opportunity to take so many courses outside of her major/area of interest. Whether it was a class with Prof. Brian Johnson about media and tech in the classroom or a class on African literature, she was constantly challenged to think outside of the box. She also loved the Honors College book clubs, which were so fun and would often end in some heated debates. 

As a huge football fan, Norton spent a lot of time in the stadium on Saturdays shouting loudly at the team like they could hear her recommendations while determined to not leave until the last second of the 4th quarter. She can still be found in North Carolina shouting BOOMER at her television on Saturdays in the fall. 

What the HC does well is encourage students to think beyond their major or what they see as their future career. Book clubs taught Norton how to debate and how to better understand others' point of views. The Honors courses she took pushed her to try harder and, even when she stumbled, she knew that she would come out on the other side a stronger person. When she graduated, she took the lessons she learned through her Honors experience to think broadly, to judge less, and to embrace the unknown.

Since graduating from OU, Norton has lived in 10 states over the course of 3 years working in emergency rooms before settling for a while in Anchorage, AK. She is currently a third-year medical student at Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine in North Carolina. She also adopted a dog in October of 2020, Bear, who is her favorite hiking buddy and a constant reminder to take a breath, go for a walk, and remember why she works so hard.

Anna Przebinda portrait photo
Anna Przebinda

Anna Przebinda graduated magna cum laude in 2014 with dual majors in International Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies and a minor in Philosophy and Social Justice. During her time at OU, she served as President of the OU chapter of Amnesty International, House Representative in the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature Competition, President of the OU chapter of Model United Nations, and a representative in the Student Government Association. Przebinda is also an alumna of the National Education for Women's Leadership Program and of the College of International Studies Leadership Fellows Program,

She was able to study abroad in Oxford, England as part of the Honors at Oxford program.

Przebinda loved the Honors College because it provided the opportunity to meet curious, bright and kind students in small, intimate classroom settings taught by professors that took students’ points of view seriously. The Honors College prepared her to strive for excellence wherever she went and gave her a well-rounded education that helps her to connect with diverse groups of people today. She believes her experience at OU would not have been as wonderful if she hadn't been part of the Honors College. The Honors College prepared her to strive for excellence wherever she went and gave her the confidence to approach various challenges with a solution in mind. It also provided her with a wonderful network of brilliant, thoughtful, and interesting people. 

Przebinda’s biggest achievement since graduating from OU so far has been being part of the team that won Virginia for the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. She is also immensely proud and privileged to be able to contribute to federal policy-making that tangibly affects the lives of millions of Americans every day. 

Przebinda currently serves as a Legislative Correspondent at the United States Senate managing a portfolio related to issues of women, LGBTQ, Native Americans, and Rules and Oversight policy.

If you are an alumnus of the OU Honors Program / Honors College and would like to share your stories of life after graduation, please contact Will O'Donnell at!