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Honors Grads

What's Next?

Spring 2021 Graduates

Tanya Miller Eager, who serves as graduation co-ordinator for the Honors College, asked Spring 2021 graduates about their plans for the future. Read below to find out what's next for Honors grads!

Kevin Robb, graduating Summa cum Laude in Engineering Physics

"I'll be taking the summer to wrap up my time here in Norman, and in July I'll be moving to Boston, MA, to start my M.S. in Robotics at Northeastern University's graduate school!"


Shelby Boyer, graduating Summa cum Laude in International Studies

"My name is Shelby Boyer, I’m from Springfield MO and I’m graduating summa cum laude with majors in International Studies and Human Relations. After graduation I’ll be moving to Dallas and attending Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University with a Deans Scholarship."


Ofelya Baghdasaryan graduating Magna cum Laude in Biochemistry

"Life at the University of Oklahoma (OU) was eye opening for me, especially for an international student coming from a developing country, Armenia, with limited resources. During my time at OU, I was given everything I needed to successfully work towards my degree, be it a merit-based scholarship (UWC scholar), a part time job, membership in student organizations, opportunities to conduct research and take advantage of the OU study abroad programs (Leadership in Paris through CAS Leadership Scholars group) or just a beautiful campus, beautiful library, and facilities to find a quiet place to study and find myself. I am grateful for everything I was given and for the professors, mentors, and people I met throughout my journey. Upon graduation, I will be moving to California to start my Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering at University of California, Davis. I have a lot of goals to accomplish with my degree and I hope that one day, I will be able to give something back to the world through my work. Thank you, OU, for nourishing me and making me the person I am. See you again!"


Chris McLaughlin, graduating Summa cum Laude in Music

"As far as my “what’s next”, I finally have an answer to that question haha. I will be attending the University of California, Los Angeles in the fall to pursue a Masters degree in Tuba Performance."


Noah Coen, graduating Summa cum Laude in Linguists and European Studies

"I will be attending UCLA for my Ph.D. in Linguistics as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow."


Derek Bixler, graduating Summa cum Laude in Letter

"Starting in August, I will be attending graduate school at the University of Arkansas's Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock. I am excited for this two-year Master of Public Service (MPS) program, which centers on field projects and service learning."


Jacob Moser, graduating Summa cum Laude in Mathematics

"I’ll be moving to Dallas to work at Bain & Company after graduation. Longer term, I am hoping to move abroad for work once things have settled down with COVID and then will likely return to graduate school!"


Antonieta Hernãndez, graduating Summa cum Laude in Psychology

"Starting in the Fall semester I will be pursuing my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling here at OU which will qualify me to be a Licensed Professional Counselor. I will also be working as a Resident Director in Traditions West for Residence Life."


Connor Bruce, graduating Summa cum Laude in Meteorology

"I am graduating in a month! After graduating, I will be attending OU for a Master’s in Meteorology. I’ll be working at the interface of research and operations, working towards improving National Weather Service forecasters forecasting process. I am excited to work on this critical issue and then use this information after graduation in the private sector as a forecaster and risk communicator."


Jordan Zimmerman, graduating Summa cum Laude in Chemical Engineering

"I am applying to medical schools during this upcoming cycle. During my gap year, I plan to work as a Physician Facilitator/Scribe at Total Access Urgent Care in the St. Louis area. I have loved my time at OU… the people I have met and the memories I’ve made here are near and dear to my heart. Although I will miss my time as a Sooner, I look forward to what lies ahead for me."


Melissa Green, graduating Summa cum Laude in Psychology

"I am planning on working for a year before beginning PA school in the summer of 2022! Right now the plan is to attend OUHSC’s PA program then work in pediatrics but I’m still deciding between a couple of schools and, of course, whoever accepts me. I’m really excited to start a new chapter and thankful for everyone at OU for supporting me!"


Noah Davidson, graduating Summa cum Laude in Biomedical Engineering

"After graduation, I’ll be sticking around Norman for another month or two and continuing my on-campus job in the Honors College front office. Then in August, I’ll be moving to Connecticut where I’ll be continuing my education as a part of the University of Connecticut’s Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. program. While there, I’ll be studying human biomechanics and working in the “Human Performance, Sport Optimization, and Rehabilitation Laboratory.”


Kaley Romero graduating Summa cum Laude in Chemical Bioscience

"I am planning on attending the Physician Assistant Program at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX starting in June."