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THURJ 2021

The Honors Undergraduate Research Journal 2021

THURJ cover image
THURJ Volume 20 (2021)

Happy 20th birthday to OU's oldest and only multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal! Each spring, The Honors Undergraduate Research Journal (THURJ) publishes the best undergraduate research papers written by Honors students or for Honors classes from the previous academic year as determined by an editorial board of their peers.

The editorial board, convened each Fall from among the top Honors students in different disciplines, reads and evaluates submissions using a blind review process and chooses between 8-12 papers for publication in the journal. All published authors and artists receive a $250 prize.

Congratulations to this years' published authors and artists, and a big thanks to this years' executive and editorial review boards!


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THURJ 2021 Staff

Executive Board
Ayesha Sajid
Olivia McCoury
Eleanor Mendelson

Editorial Review Board
Abigail Clarke
Savannah Dillard
Ahmed Hussan
Vaishnavi Kumar
Margaret Le
Joy Nath
Julianna Schwab
Mariam Shakir
Safra Shakir
Casey Wouters

Prof. Robert Lifset
Will O'Donnell

Authors and Artists

Biomaterials for Neruological Implant Applications
Lindsey Randall

Screening of Rural Honduran Women
Rachel Fisher

Disability Studies in TKAMB
Gillian Sauer

Anti-Vietnam War in Oklahoma
Robert Cascella

Spiking Neural Network
Jose Aguilar

Women of the KKK
Olivia Robson

Digital Life of Indigenous Knowledge
Carson Schlittler

Finding Fight in Dark Places: Oil, Oppression and Ogoni Women's Resistance
Kamryn Yanchick

Sovereignty and Uranium Mining in the Navajo Nation
Kamryn Yanchick

The Problem with "Litritcher and Poultry:" Language and Colonial Education in Miguel Street
Julie Bahr

Front Cover Design
Saadia Nazir

Back Cover Photograph
Audrey Williams


If you would like a physical copy of THURJ Volume 20, please contact Will O'Donnell at