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Undergraduate Research Day

Undergraduate Research Day 2021

For the second year in a row, Undergraduate Research Day continued undaunted by the global COVID-19 pandemic thanks in no small part to the Zoom wizardry of Mike Aguilar, OU IT strategist for the Honors College and director of OU Esports and Co-Curricular Innovation.

This annual conference and celebration hosted by the Honors College showcases outstanding undergraduate research and creative activity for an audience of other students, faculty, and parents. Students who were funded in their research or creative activities from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program are required to present, but all students are welcome to showcase their work.

This year, 119 students presented research conducted in 11 different departments across campus, and over $7,000 in prize money has been awarded to winners in each session.

URD panel photo
URD session photo

Congratulations to all students who shared their research efforts, and special thanks to those who served as judges and panel moderators!

Phi Kappa Phi URD Grand Prize

Brooke Foster with Prof. Angela Person and Prof. Randy Peppler
Expressions of Place Attachment, Mobility, and Justice related to the Tar Creek Superfund Site

Honors College URD Dean’s Award

Matthew Baier with Prof. Hibah Awwad
Differential changes in cerebrospinal and plasma histamine correlate with neurobehavioral deficits following mild and moderate traumatic brain injury in rats

Multidisciplinary Research

First Place: Cora De Francesco and Julianna Voelker with Prof. Karen Leighly
Analysis of a Sample of High Redshift, High Luminosity FeLoBAL Quasars

Second Place: Jenna Randall with Prof. Laurel Smith
Broiling Point: An Explosion of Chicken Houses in Eastern Oklahoma

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

First Place: Seapehi Molise, Ryan Kenny and Ryan Myers with Prof. Chung Hao Lee
Using Isogeometric Analysis to Develop Patient-Specific Predictive Models of the Tricuspid Valve

Second Place: Jacob Starks with Prof. Janet Allen, Prof. Lin Guo and Prof. Farrokh Mistree
Quantifying the Impact of Social Drivers on Policy Recommendations

Biomedical Engineering

First Place: Advika Kamatar with Prof. Handan Acar
CD44 Expression in Ovarian Cancer Spheroids

Second Place: Anna Sedivy-Thompson with Prof. Yuan Yang
Machine Learning on fMRI Scans to Identify Sex Differences in Brain Function

Civil, Electrical, and Industrial Engineering

First Place: Nathan Preuss with Prof. Janet Allen, Prof. Lin Guo and Prof. Farrokh Mistree
Data Curation for Fail-Safe Healthcare Networks

Second Place: Heath Orcutt with Prof. Robert Nairn
Constraints on Conductivity in Vertical Flow Bioreactors

Humanities and Social Sciences

First Place: Miguel Chavez with Prof. Michael Rodriguez Muniz
Con Papeles Pero Con Miedo: U.S.-born Mexican-American College Students and the Reality of Multigenerational Punishment

Second Place: Cameron Cooper with Prof. Elena Rodgers and Prof. Marcia Haag
Semantic Derogation of the Feminine in Incel Communities

Biology and Biological Sciences

First Place: Mariam Shakir with Prof. Elizabeth Bergey
Behavioral Response of Land Snails to Cigarette Butts and Unsmoked Tobacco

Second Place: Katherine Stroh with Prof. Cameron Siler
Preliminary Assessment of Native Oklahoma Crayfish as Carriers of Amphibian Chytrid Fungus

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

First Place: Oliver Wu with Prof. Si Wu
Optimization of a Visible Light Spectroscopy-Based Method for Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) Quantification

Second Place: Aanahita Ervin with Prof. Sepideh Razavi
Similarly Charged Species: Adsorption of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate onto Silica nanoparticles

All-Conference Honorable Mention Awards

Cole Allen with Prof. Waleed Mahdi
Narrative and Power Shifts: The Holy Land’s Changing Place in International Politics

Julie Bahr with Prof. Angela Person
Hidden Water Infrastructure and Environmental Injustice: Three Case Studies from Oklahoma and Texas

Noah Coen with Prof. Ryan Kasak
Adpositions in Siouan

Srikar Kommareddy with Prof. Ari Berkowitz
Investigation of Second Messengers on Voltage Gated L-Type Ca2+ Channels in “Windup”

Maya Martin with Prof. Scott Baker
Composing Derivatives

Joseph McWhirter with Prof. Bradley Stevenson
Sewage Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 Concentrations to Monitor the Prevalence of COVID-19 on the OU Norman Campus

Noah Place with Prof. Bonnie Pitblado
Establishing the Research and Education Potential of a Donated Artifact Collection

Elaine Rabalais with Prof. Jenel Cavazos
The Relationship Between Study Approaches, Mental Imagery, and Teaching Preference

Melia Schaefer with Prof. Michael Detamore
Development of a Bioprinted Scaffold Encapsulating MSC Spheroids to Promote Chondrogenesis for Articular Cartilage Regeneration

Emily Thomas with Prof. Michael Detamore
Development of High Modulus Cartilage-Derived Hydrogel Scaffolds