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Fall 2022

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Honors @ OU

Fall 2022

Honors College Welcomes New Faculty

Dr. David Song has joined the Honors College this Fall semester as an assistant professor of Asian American Studies.


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Get to Know: Jeff Cooper

Cum laude advisor Jeff Cooper is more than just our resident Honors College advising genius.


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Catching up with the 2020 outstanding freshmen

Honors @ OU caught up with the 2020 winners to learn more about their time at OU and to hear what advice they have for new students 

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STPMX visits HSC

The Honors College Student-to- Professional Mentoring Experience program held their first event of the semester by heading to the Health Sciences Center.

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The Ultimate Collaboration

A small glimpse into Honors student life and a look back at a first-of-its-kind collaboration.

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Meet the MHSP's Newest Members

Get to know the newest members of the Medical Humanities Scholars Program.

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Student Spotlight

Isaac Rosales

Meet OU drum major and Honors senior Isaac Rosales

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Student Spotlight

Kylie Hutchison 

Read about Ms. Hutchison's amazing on-campus advocacy work 

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Alumni Updates

Kelbie Kennedy

Learn more about newly appointed FEMA Advisor and Honors College alum 

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