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Undergraduate Research Day 2024

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Undergraduate Research Day 2024

On April 13, 2024 undergraduate students gathered from all around campus for the Honors College sponsored Undergraduate Research Day. Since its inception Undergraduate Research Day has been a representation of the hard work and dedication that undergraduate students put into their numerous research projects. 

Students in and out of the Honors College across different majors condense their research into 10-12 minute presentations that are given to an audience of their peers, mentors, and a pair of faculty judges.

The top presenters were awarded with a cash prize and recognized at an awards ceremony that took place at the Nancy Mergler Library in the Honors College on April 23rd, 2024. See below for a list of winners as well as pictures from our Awards Ceremony. 


Phi Kappa Phi URD Grand Prize: Hunter Helvey with Prof. John Clegg

Evaluating Chemotherapeutic Release from a Nanocomposite Hydrogel, for Future Application in Glioblastoma Multiforme    

Phi Beta Kappa URD Grand Prize: Beth Felkner with Prof. Tyler Ransom

Something in the Air?: Predictive Modeling of the Relationship Between Air Quality and Educational Attainment

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering First Place: Audrey Richardson with Prof. Robert Nairn

Evaluation of Macroinvertebrate Community Structure in an Urbanized Stream: Bishop Creek, Norman, Oklahoma

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Second Place: Caden Matthews with Prof. Diogo Merguizo Sanchez

Effects of Hall Thrusters and Orbital Resonances on Low Earth Orbit Starlink Satellite Constellations

Biomedical Engineering First Place: Jermaine Bucknor with Prof. Han Yuan

Automated Pipeline Analysis of fMRI Data in Brain Tumor Patients and Healthy Controls

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science First Place: Luke Terry with Prof. Samuel Cheng 

Leveraging Musical Structures to Improve Generative Music Model

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Second Place: Emma Stubby with Prof. Sina Khanmohammadi 

Functional Connectivity Disruptions in Alzheimer's Disease: A Maximum Flow Perspective

Engineering Pathways First Place: Brooke Rogachuk with Prof. Jude Okolie

Comparaitive analysis of pyrolysis and Gasification Fischer Tropsch for the production of sustainable aviation fuel. 

Engineering Pathways Second Place: Akshay Singh with Prof. Javeed Kittur

Genomic Insight_ A User-Friendly Approach to Predicting Health Outcomes in Cancer Patients 

Biology First Place: Elisabeth Moore with Prof. Caryn Vaughn and graduate student mentor Alex Franzen

What underlies morphological variation in frehwater mussel shells?

Biology Second Place: Jayden Thomas with Prof. Lara Souza 

Effect of Drought on Root Functional Traits 

Health and Disease First Place: Catherine Tramel with Prof. Tassie Hirschfield 

Impacts of Type-One Juvenile Diabetes on Family Dynamics

Language Studies First Place: Mackenzie Cozort with Prof. Ryan Kasak

Linguistic ideologies in Language contact situations: The Case of "Portunol" 

Language Studies Second Place: Heather Utt with Prof. Emily Johnson 

Unlawful Faith

Microbiology First Place: Anna Rockwood with Prof. Kara B. De Leon and Pete Pickens, graduate student mentor

Expressions of the Biofilm-Forming Protein DVU1545 in Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough under Environmental Stress.

Microbiology Second Place: Rachel Baker with Prof. Mojgan Padash 

Therapeutic potential of a novel drug target for HPV-induced cancer using a Drosphila model

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering First Place: Cole Pool with Prof. Reza Foudazi

Effects of Sodium Flouride on Pluronic-Water Lyotropic Liquid Crystals 

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Second Place: Hayden McCray with Prof. Reza Foudazi

Comparing Optical Tensiometry Methods for Determining the Surface Tension of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA)

Culture Media and International Studies First Place: Morgan Chen with Prof. Afshin Marashi

"A Troublemaker Through and Through": The Evolution and Implications of Taiwanese Nationalism Since 1895

Culture Media and International Studies Second Place: Jordan Lawson with Prof. Jonathan Hills

3D printed habitat research

Psychology and Personality First Place: Keane Hauck with Prof. Jenel Cavazos 

ChatGPT Goes to College: Understanding Students' Usage and Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

Psychology and Personality Second Place: Gina Herring with Prof. Mauricio Carvallo

African-American Identity and Health Attitudes 

Physical Science First Place: Kristen Duong with Prof. Susan Schroeder 

Differential Gene Expression and RNA Methylaton in S. lycopersicum During Drought and Tobacco Mosaic Virus Infection

Physical Science Second Place: Lucy Coleman with Prof. Shanteri Singh

Synthesis of Novel Tryprostatin Analogs Contining Chemoselective Functionality Using Prenyltransferase Enzymes

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