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Informed Citizens Discussion Group

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Informed Citizens Discussion Group

The Informed Citizens Discussion Group is a student-led organization dedicated to spreading awareness, fighting ignorance and promoting intelligent discussion about current events, politics and world issues. This organization is open to ALL students at OU, not just Honors undergraduates! Composed of two Honors student volunteer moderators and anywhere from 10 to 15 participants, the groups meet just once per week to discuss local, domestic and international current events. These groups are not homework, but rather a fun and easy way to stay up-to-date and aware of important issues, as well as a great way to meet like-minded people with similar interests.

For questions, please contact

Meet the Moderators

Meet Ana!

photo of Ana, Informed Citzens Discussion Group moderator


Pronouns: she/her

Major: Letters: constitutional studies

Favorite part of ICDG: For an hour a week, you get to experience being attentively listened to, valued for your unique opinions, and challenged in a way that encourages you to learn while actually relaxing and enjoying yourself in a group of friends.

Fun fact: I love animals and almost all insects, but I am a fly assassin and all flies must die.

Meet Caleb!

photo of Destiny, Informed Citizens Discussion group

Pronouns: he/him

Major: Supply Chain Management 

Favorite part of ICDG: Free food (just kidding; of course, the people)

Fun fact: I' m from Philadelphia 

Meet Amariah!

photo of Amariah, Informed Citizens Discussion group moderator


Pronouns: she/her

Major: Biochemistry

Favorite part of ICDG: I  love that it encourages awareness through dialogue. And there's no fear of voicing your opinion on each topic.

Fun Fact: I won my county-wide Vocab Jam by accident

Meet Bogan!

photo of Bogan, Informed Citizens Discussion Group moderator



Major: Political science, pre-law

Favorite part of ICDG: ICDG gives you the rare opportunity to not just hear what people think, but to engage with them and figure out why. Some of the most interesting conversations on campus happen right here. We have people who've never followed the news before and we have people working with military intelligence for their senior capstone projects, but what we share in common is the desire to broaden our worldview and share our passions. At ICDG, there are no dumb questions and all (civil) takes are welcome.

Fun Fact: I am the first "Bogan Garcia" ever, according to the Social Security Administration.


Meet Pearl!

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Neuroscience

Favorite part of ICDG: I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the current events I'm passionate about with other students! It's not an opportunity that often comes up in daily conversations.

Fun fact: I really enjoy indie/alternative music and going to concerts - my favorite has been the Backseat Lovers and Rainbow Kitten Surprise! I also love to flex (literally).

Meet Justice!

photo of ICDG moderator, Justice

Pronouns: he/him

Major: Letters

Favorite part of ICDG: Staying up to date on what's happening in the world

Fun fact: I am a collector of Norman Rockwell mugs.

Meet Emilee!

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Aerospace Engineering with a minor in English Writing 

Favorite part of ICDG: The space created allows for everyone to feel comfortable and share their opinions openly. I enjoy listening to the different point of views and the ideas presented in discussion.

Fun Fact: I love to read all types of books and enjoy teaching STEAM workshops in my spare time.