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About the Honors College Informal Reading Groups

Each semester, the Honors College sponsors a program of informal reading groups.  The groups meet just one hour per week, with 10-15 students and one faculty member from the Honors College, to discuss about 50 pages of reading from specific books. The books cover a very wide range of topics, and most have been recommended by Honors students.  To participate, the only commitment is that each student makes a good-faith effort to do the reading and come to the group meeting as often as possible, with the understanding there may be one or two weeks when students need to do other things.  This is a great chance to meet other Honors students with similar interests.  The goals of the program can be summarized as "maximum information and enjoyment, with zero stress."  The Honors College is strongly committed to the format of this program, including these features:

  • No tuition or fees
  • No quizzes or tests
  • No grades
  • Free books
  • Read, think, and discuss with other Honors College students on important topics of mutual interest
David Ray - Reading Groups

Spring 2021 Informal Reading Groups


Spring reading groups will be conducted via Zoom and will begin the 2nd week of classes (February 1 - 5, 2021). Sign-ups for the spring groups will begin the week before the first week of classes. You can browse the Spring catalog below.

Note: Please only sign up if you require a copy of the book. If you wish to join a group and already have a copy, please send an e-mail to

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