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Nancy L. Mergler Award

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Nancy L. Mergler Faculty Mentor Award for Undergraduate Research

The Nancy L. Mergler Faculty Mentor Award for Undergraduate Research was established in 2013 to recognize faculty excellence in supporting undergraduate research. Nominations are due to the Honors College by January 15 of each year. Applications may be submitted via email to, or in hand to the Honors College main office, David L. Boren Hall, 1300 Asp, Room 160.


This student-initiated award recognizes one faculty member each year for excellence in supporting undergraduate research. The nominee should demonstrate exemplary effort supporting individual and professional development of undergraduate research for OU students.



Each Fall term the Honors College will solicit nominations from all OU undergraduate students engaged in research.


Nominations should include a cover letter with the student’s full name, email address, and major. Additionally, the application should address the following points with emphasis on how the nominee exhibits these five qualities of an outstanding mentor:

1. How does the mentor invest in the work of the student? For example, how does the mentor actively and unselfishly provide guidance, instruction, and encouragement for undergraduate research?

2. Does the mentor foster an environment of mutual respect? How so?

3. Explain how the mentor provides explicit and timely feedback with both praise and constructive criticism for maximizing intellectual growth?

4. How does the mentor recognize and support the student’s development as a person and scholar? Does the mentor provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, including socialization into the professional community?

5. How does the mentor support the student in developing an understanding and vision that encourages him/her to pursue his/her own direction in research and career goals?

Supporting Documentation

In addition to a cover letter, the application should include the following: -The mentor’s name, title and rank, and home department and email. -The title and description of the project(s) for which the mentor is being nominated. -Semester(s) during which the research was undertaken. (May be ongoing.) -Any extracurricular recognition the project received; i.e. conference presentation, publication, award, etc. -Any additional information that the student believes will enhance the candidate’s application.  


A committee selected by the Honors College will review all nominations and select the mentoring faculty whose actions best exemplify the criteria and spirit of the award. The committee will forward its recommendation(s) and all substantiating materials to the Senior Vice President and Provost by March 1. The Senior Vice President and Provost will review the committee’s recommendation(s) and make the final selection.


The selected winner will receive a one-time award of $500 and a framed certificate. The recipient will be announced at the annual Faculty Awards Ceremony in Norman.