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Housing and Food Services' Job Listings

Working for Housing and Food Services is a rewarding opportunity that opens doors for growth and development in an atmosphere that promotes the department’s core values – ownership, family, dependability, adaptability and supportiveness. Accomplishing our mission, to bring life to the University community, is a daily goal of everyone at Housing and Food Services.

Working on campus can be a great opportunity for students who want or need a job. Campus positions often offer greater flexibility and understanding when it comes to student schedules.

In addition to student positions, Housing and Food Services offers employment options for those seeking full-time positions.

Visit to search for all Housing and Food Services’ positions as well as other campus jobs.

Assistant Supervisor / FSWIII - Baja Fresh
Job Number 211332

Supervisor / FSWIV - Bookmark
Job Number 212275

Assistant Supervisor / FSWIII - Bookmark
Job Number 212270

Assistant Supervisor / FSWIII - Cate
Job Number 212247

Assistant Supervisor / FSWIII - Chick-fil-A
Job Number 211774

FSWII - Chick-fil-A
Job Number 211776

Supervisor / FSWIV - Chick-fil-A
Job Number 211775

FSWII - Couch Restaurants
Job Number 212248

Shipping/Receiving Tech III - Couch Restaurants
Job Number 211461

Assistant Supervisor / FSWIII - Flying Cow Café
Job Number 210665

FA I - Housekeeping
Job Number 211982

Cook / FSWII - Residential Colleges Dining
Job Number 211777

Assistant Supervisor / FSWIII - Residential Colleges Dining
Job Number 210573

FSWII - University Catering
Job Number 212269

Work for OU Food Services to earn money, eat for free and boost your resume.

Visit and search for job #203105 to apply for fall 2021 student positions.