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Event Planning Details

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Event Planning Details

Helpful rules and links for your perfect event.

To host an event, you must understand the special events policy and complete the Special Events and Emergency Response Form.

Special Events and Emergency Response Form

Learn more about the rules of facility usage. Once you're familiar with the rules, complete the electronic Facility Use Form.

Facility Use Form

If you are most interested in hosting an event within Couch Restaurants (including Davenports, the upper-level dining room within Couch Restaurants), please complete the Couch Restaurants Reservation Form.

Couch Restaurants Reservation Form

In order to advertise in areas operated by OU Housing and Food Services, you must adhere to certain guidelines. Please first learn where you may be permitted to advertise. Once you understand how to advertise in these areas, please complete the electronic Publicity Request Form.

Publicity Request Form

If you are interested in advertising on the napkin dispensers located in Couch Restaurants and Wagner Dining, you must submit a separate form for that space. Learn more about completing the napkin dispenser advertising request.

If you are seeking an in-kind donation of space, food, supplies, or a deposit into your internal/campus OU Student Group account, please complete the electronic Sponsorship Request Form.

Sponsorship Request Form

For questions or concerns regarding sponsorship requests, please email Nancy De Graff,