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Manuscript Development Workshops

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Manuscript Development Workshops for Faculty

Extended Application Deadline for 2020-2021: April 30, 2020

The OU Arts & Humanities Forum’s Manuscript Development Workshop program is intended to provide significant intellectual feedback to selected members of OU’s faculty (at both the junior and senior levels) whose book manuscripts or equivalent are at an advanced stage of preparation. Projects may be digital or collaborative, and may include translations, but will typically be single-authored monographs. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these workshops may be conducted online.

For each workshop, one or two senior scholars/editors in relevant fields are selected by the Forum (from a list proposed by the selected faculty member) and are invited to the OU campus. They will review the manuscript in advance, and they will discuss it with the faculty member at the workshop in order to further its development toward publication. We expect that they will provide written comments on the manuscript, either in advance or at the workshop. The workshop format is a closed session in which the invited scholars, along with one or two OU scholars, offer concentrated feedback on the manuscript to the faculty member. The Forum hosts two to three manuscript development workshops (one to two for junior faculty members; and one for a tenured faculty member) per academic year. All logistics, guest scholar honoraria, and scheduling for the workshops are arranged by the OU Arts & Humanities Forum, working in tandem with the Chair/Director of the faculty member’s unit. Afterwards the faculty member is expected to write a letter to the Forum Faculty Director, the respective Chair/Director, the invited scholars, and the OU faculty involved in the workshop, detailing the revisions he/she will make to the manuscript based on the feedback received.


Tenure-track and ranked renewable term junior faculty as well as tenured faculty in the humanities, arts, and interpretive social sciences are eligible to apply.


April 30, 2020.


The members of the Forum’s Faculty Advisory Committee will select successful applications. Special emphasis will be placed on the letter of support from the faculty member’s Chair/Director.



No proposal can be considered without a confidential letter from the Department Chair/Program Director. This letter is to be uploaded by the Chair/Director to a separate Application Portal before the application deadline, indicating the readiness of the faculty member for potential participation in the Manuscript Development Workshop during the 2020-2021 academic year. The Chair’s letter should:

* discuss the quality of the applicant’s work and the value such a workshop would have for the applicant at this time in the development of his/her project;

* indicate the likelihood of the applicant being able to circulate a completed manuscript draft to the external reviewers 90 days in advance of the workshop;

* suggest one or more possible public events that would take advantage of the presence of the invited scholars on campus.


The faculty member should submit the project description together with the manuscript draft before the application deadline. Both need to be uploaded via the Application Portal. The Application Portal allows proposals to be revised before the deadline. No late applications will be accepted, and no extensions will be granted.

The project description should be double-spaced and submitted as a single PDF file, as follows. Note that the application must follow this structure in order to be reviewed by the Forum Faculty Advisory Committee:

* cover page (name, project title, statement confirming eligibility for Manuscript Development Workshop);

* overview of the project (2pp.);

* goals for the workshop (1p.);

* table of contents (1p.);

* explanation of publisher’s/publishers’ interest in the work to date and whether the manuscript is under contract; or, alternatively, the names and details of publishers yet to be approached by the applicant; and estimated timeline for manuscript completion and submission to a publisher (1p.);

* abridged curriculum vitae (4pp.);

* names and contact information of 10 senior professors/editors who are possible invitees for the workshop, with explanations of their expertise in the area of the applicant’s project (the OU Arts & Humanities Forum will contact selected scholars from this list, in consultation with the selected faculty member);

* names of up to 5 senior OU faculty from any discipline who are possible invitees to the workshop, with explanation of their expertise in the area of the applicant’s project (the OU Arts & Humanities Forum will contact selected faculty from this list).


The faculty member should upload the manuscript draft as a single PDF file to the Application Portal by the deadline, together with the project description (see above).


Please contact Janet Ward, Brammer Presidential Professor of History and Faculty Director of the Arts & Humanities Forum (email: