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Speaker Series

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Speaker Series

Story of Freedom

The Story of Freedom in America is a complete, 18-lecture course, free and open to the public. Fears, with his inimitable style and his true wisdom, explores the American experience of freedom from the Revolutionary War to the present day. He tells the stories of struggle, sacrifice, and heroism that created the unique model of American freedom. Watch the Story of Freedom lectures.

Freedom 101

Discover constitutional history! Freedom 101 is an ongoing series of short explorations of American constitutional law and history. Join some of OU's most exciting faculty for a weekly presentation. Each episode stands on its own, and a new episode will be released weekly. Watch Freedom 101 episodes on


The Teach-In is a program that brings some of America's best teachers to OU's campus for a day. On February 27, 2012, the IACH hosted the first Teach-In on America's Founding. You can experience the lectures from that day on The second Teach-In held on March 11, 2013, was on the Great Depression and WWII. This year's will be on the Civil War on March 10, 2014. See previous Teach-In vidoes here